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Learn the basics of Adobe After Effects in this introduction tutorial video. Get started as a beginner to learn the essentials of the program.

As you know, we are huge fans of Adobe Premiere Pro and all the abilities it has. Some of our more popular tutorials cover 3D effects, glitches, compositing and more. But most of these tasks are long winded in Premiere Pro. Their success is probably because of the step to Adobe After Effects: a new application, so many buttons and windows.

After Effects is Adobe’s compositing program to create animation, special effects and more. But with the endless possibilities and tools to create these effects, it’s harder to get started with After effects if you are just a beginner. In this tutorial video we will explain the basics of After Effects en the most used tools needed to create an immediate result.

You can describe After Effects as the Photoshop for video, because it handles the same principals. For example: the end result is mostly made out of layers on top of each other, blending and merging into a whole new video. But the obvious difference is that Adobe After Effects also works with time and moving objects, which can make it more complicated and chaotic. Like Photoshop it also has a lot of tools and endless possibilities to achieve effects with these options. That’s why it takes years to understand After Effects as there is always something new to learn.

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  1. what i really lag behind was poor after effects knowledge… this tutorial is amazing…

  2. You can easily do all of these things in Premiere Pro – why would you want to use after effects instead? I understand you can do a lot in After Effects that you cannot do in Premiere (which is why I'm on here looking for tutorials), but for this particular example I don't see why you would need to use After Effects. Any advice you have on this would be greatly appreciated!

  3. Thank you! Great video. Been waiting so long to finally learn after effects. Thanks, great tutorial – subscribed!

  4. Nice, but u did not show us how to export the VIDEO… Next time would like to see the export as it is very complicated in AE, mac Motion is so much easier to export video and motion projects. This looks very complicated, but it's just getting used to a new program, but it is cumbersome and difficult in many ways. . . .

  5. QUESTION: if i enter my card info, after 2 months it will pay automatically without asking? can i cancel it after 2 months free?


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