We are off to Berlin, CT which, is just outside of Hartford, and to a sports card shop that I would argue is possibly the BEST remaining shop on the east coast, if not at least in the Top 3. Take a look at my journey and decide for yourself!

This is a sports card paradise. WWE/WWF fans won’t want to miss this place either. Tell me in the comment section a store that may top this one on the eastern seaboard.

We also enter an almost century old college chapel that could be mistaken as a Harry Potter filming site for Hogwarts. Stay until the end as I go over the sports cards grabbed from the store.

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  1. For card shops to survive they need to get with the times and sell graded cards. Sure, offer raw cards for those who prefer, but most serious collectors/investors want graded cards at this point. Commons and low dollar, raw is fine, but too many collectors want decent cards already graded. My LCS is the same way, not one graded card, and that is why everyone buys on ebay.

  2. Wow that was a great cards shop, way to go Ken! Have you been to Diamond Kings in NH? Here is the link: Jeff the owner there is great! Love these vlogs, keep up the good work!

  3. Hartford seems a nice place and thanks for taking us inside the Chapel. If you ever want to see some wonderful churches etc I will take you around two or three in England which would blow your socks off.. Your right, that wrestling room was incredible, made me think the owner probably was really into wrestling at some point. You took me by surprise on the condition of those 75s you bought. My motto is always condition,condition, unless scarcity prevails…even for binders. I just picked up 2 t206 cards and Hardie Henderson from Kimballs Champions. I am thinking of doing a vid as the grading by PSA seems weird .my earlier vids from about 10 years ago are so boring even I fell asleep watching them….

  4. EPIC! These are getting better Brother! Really enjoyed the tour. Will you be returning?

    and the magic of I-90! LOL

  5. Very nice. Normally, I'd be surprised to find really nice stuff at brick&mortar shops these days. Since eBay, it's been tough on the local guys.

  6. Don't have card shops like that in my area so enjoy seeing other people's. Wish I could have read prices on his vintage baseball. Would have been interested in a few of them. That burning car looked like there should be a heck of a story involved!


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