It's what we do. Dyson is a technology company.


From bagless vacuum cleaners to revolutionary hair dryers, we engineer solutions to the problems others ignore. Dyson invents better technology.

We’re not afraid to fail. As engineers we develop, test, improve and keep going. We’re driven by the need for relentless improvement. And if there’s a problem to be solved, we won’t stop until we’ve cracked it.

Cyclone technology, bladeless fans, Dyson digital motors and smart lighting. We continue to develop technology and solve problems that sets us apart.

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  1. I was inspired after reading James Dyson's autobiography, took maths, further maths and physics at A-Level and am going to uni to do aeronautical engineering…off to Dyson in a few years time? Don't give up man!

  2. Now I want independent vacuum cleaner that would just do the job for me (robot sort of thing). Come on guys, this can be done !
    I always said, that only two corporations I can join full time (I'm a freelancer) are apple and dyson.

  3. Man, i wish i could join you.
    I always did want to be an inventor, and James Dyson is my role-model =)
    Alas, my dream will never be realized.
    *Sad Face*


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