Jeep Wrangler Interior Removal & LizardSkin Insulation Coating


In this video of the San Diego Jeep Club Project Build we rip out the entire interior to include the seats, carpet, center console and plastic moldings to make way for adding the LizardSkin Sound Control, Ceramic Insulation and Top Coat. The LizardSkin is going to help quiet the ride significantly and reduce heat inside the rig on those hot desert trail runs.

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LizardSkin Sound Control (SC) is a spray-applied automotive sound damping coating that is great for reducing exterior noises and enhancing sound systems. It is an advanced, water-based composition of a high-grade acrylic binder with sound-damping particles.

LizardSkin’s Ceramic Thermal Insulation coating is a premium spray-on thermal insulation product for all cars, trucks, street rods, customs or race cars —wherever heat is a problem. LizardSkin Ceramic Insulation (CI) is an advanced spray on thermal coating that consists of a water-based composition of high-grade acrylic binders with ceramic insulation particles to create a thermal barrier.

With LizardSkin’s spray on ceramic thermal auto insulation, heat entering the interior is reduced by 30°F or more, making for a cooler, more comfortable ride. For maximum automotive thermal performance, encapsulate the entire interior and all appropriate exterior surfaces.


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  1. Well how'd it work? Before and after Db testing would be ideal. That's a ton of work if it only makes a small difference. I think most of the noise and heat comes in through the top and windows.

  2. Love the similarity to AC/DC music background. It's like a loose instrumental version of It's A Long Way To The Top… Of course there's other music mixed in here as well.

  3. I don’t understand why people use fancy contraptions to remove the shifter knobs, it’s not that difficult to remove

  4. One note; When mixing, make sure to set the drill to REVERSE. The mixing paddle is designed to flow in a way as to not damage the particles that provide the sound dampening. Setting the drill to REVERSE allows proper, damage free mixing. This info comes straight from LizardSkin.

  5. PLEASE please please do a follow-up video. How is it holding up? How good is the in insulation? Can you compare it to and uninsulated Jeep on a summer/winter day? Is it much more quiet that a standard Wrangler?

  6. My 2012 is too quiet. It doesn't even feel like I'm driving a Jeep. Feels like I'm driving a damn Buick Lesabre. I'm considering ripping the carpet out so I can just hose it down like a Jeep should be.

  7. I know it's been a while but just curious if you remember how much of the paint you used? Looking to do a 2dr jk and wondering if I can get away with just a single gallon

  8. Hey Brad, do you know anyone that has tried the coatings sprayed on the interior of hard tops ? This could be a allot better solution than the foam stick em pieces.

  9. If you really wanted a before and after of the sound dampening why didn't you do a decimal test and before and after of the heat coating it would temperature test before and after

  10. curious how this turned out, i'll search to see if the part two 'results' video is out, i wanted to do something like this as i am a quiet freak, after you sprayed, it dried, i would have loved to see dynamite applied. as well bet that would be amazing once the interior is already apart… natch you'd have to have a place to leave it till it totally dries cures. i think jeep should have that spray from factory or at least an option

  11. How much material did you end up spraying? Did you need the full 2 gallons of each the Si and Ci or would the 1 gallon buckets be enough to properly coat a JKU? I'd like try and save a couple bucks and not have half used buckets of the material if possible.

  12. What are some other options to sound proof? I've looked at Herculiner and Flexseal. Anyone have any favorites? Preferably cheaper and not requiring an air compressor

  13. Great job!! I plan to rip out the carpet and spray raptor liner in my JK interior floor soon, any ideas on how to hide the wiring after the job is done? I haven't seen a complete video on that yet. Thanks Joe

  14. How did this fare on reducing road noise? I am thinking about taking out all the carpet in my 14 JKU and applying this, but my main concern is road noise. How did it compare to the stock setup? Thanks!

  15. This looks super awesome! Hope it actually reduces road noise! I would love to do something similar but to protect the undercarriage.

  16. Great job on the video. The thing I would have like to see is before and after road test. I’ll keep browsing the videos to see if I may have miss those on your channel. Solid channel Trail Recon!!!

  17. Those cheapo paint masks are basically useless. You are obviously very serious: The cost of your equipment, the cost of the lizardskin, the time to disassemble and apply this product, and yet you don't want to spend more than $1 on a mask or even put it on correctly to protect your own lungs? Respirators aren't expensive, even a nice respirator would be one of the cheapest piece of equipment used in this video.

    And has there been an update to this? Any review of the results? It doesn't take a 15 minute video to say "disassemble, spray, spray, spray, reassemble." And yet with all the effort put into this project, filming & editing it and uploading it, I'd think you would want to post an update & review, AND link to that video in this description so we don't have to go searching through your trove of other useless excessively long videos, which basically just show a bunch of people mulling around the shop, just to try to figure out IF you've actually posted a follow-up to this.

  18. Nice video, but a before and after decibel reading would have attracted a lot more interest in the product, especially if it works well.

  19. After watching them take the seat out, I definitely think you need to talk to other "Jeeping" people and find an engineer and see if you can design seats that are easy to remove and insert. I had a Ford Aerostar van and the back seats were easy to remove. So the actual design is there and all that is needed is for it to be adapted to the Jeep. Now get to it sailor!


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