Jira Service Desk tutorial series #1: What makes for a happy customer?


In this series of videos, we’re going to break down the whole customer journey through Jira Service Desk and see how we can customize it on each step – from the Customer Portal homepage to submitting feedback upon successful ticket resolution. We will learn lots of ways to solve common issues with each screen of this software’s user interface and make our customers happy even when they have problems with our products and services.

This is the first Jira Service Desk tutorial in this series, in which our Atlassian Apps Marketing Manager Dimitry Hryb explains what makes for a happy customer and why ensuring excellent support experience is crucial for any business.

00:44 – Why customer service is so important?
01:41 – What makes a customer happy?
03:12 – Why customizing Jira Service Desk is crucial?
03:54 – Stages of your customer journey through Jira Service Desk

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