Jira Service Desk tutorial series #3: Request Form


In this series of videos, we’re breaking down the whole customer journey through Jira Service Desk and see how we can customize it on each step – from the Customer Portal homepage to submitting feedback upon successful ticket resolution. We’re learning how to solve common issues with each screen of this software’s user interface and make our customers happy even when they have problems with our products and services.

In this Jira Service Desk tutorial we’re taking a closer look at the Request Form and learning how to make the process of submitting requests really nice and easy with this ITSM solution.

01:38 – Editing fields on a request form
02:21 – Creating and adding custom fields
04:07 – Native customization result
04:36 – Defining context for fields and options
05:05 – Creating dynamic request forms
05:33 – Bundling custom fields
06:07 – Removing options and labels
06:25 – Creating templates for requests
06:49 – Summary

These are the apps mentioned in the video:
Extension for Jira Service Desk –
Issue Templates for Jira –

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