Joe Bonamassa Gibson Made 2 Measure "Snakebite" Build At The Music Zoo


Joe Bonamassa’s visited The Music Zoo, where he carefully spec’d out a replica of his original “Snakebite” Les Paul, matching everything from the top wood, color, and aging, to the hardware and neck size.

Watch the entire process step-by-step in this in-depth video, also demonstrating what you can do to build your very own Made 2 Measure Gibson model from start to finish!

You’ll all have the opportunity to bid on this 1 of 1 guitar spec’d out by Joe, and all of the proceeds will be given to charity!
Learn more here:

Call or email our sales staff for more info at 516-626-9292 //


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  1. Does anyone else find flametops tacky? I’m really not a fan. I know it’s all subjective but there’s just so many cool guitars I wouldn’t buy because of the flame. Like 9 out of 10 PRS’s are flame

  2. Thank you for saying about the wait I had a 80s Artisan two pick up and it weighed a ton and I loved it and I've been searching for ever since so if anybody out there reads this in the Nashville area and has a two pick up black Les Paul artisan with the 3rd dot Missing on the inlay you'll know what I mean if you have it contact me I want to buy it back 😉

  3. yr doing a project to advertise yrself thats why youre on video talking about what you want and no "charitable" people are on video talking about what they want lolll nice ad Gibson

  4. No guitar is worth six figures, it's ridiculous. Thee are so many good guitars hanging on walls or on display somewhere; take them out and play them. Guitars are meant to be played. It's great that Slash can afford 70 or 80 Les Pauls, but instead of hoarding them, Joe and Slash and others should give or lend their spares to up-and-coming guitarists. What exactly is the point of owning a dozen or so guitars, all the same make; and don't say they all sound different, pick a few that you think are the best. Giving names to guitars, other than descriptive ones, is pretty silly; sorry BB.

  5. They never seem to get the carving of the top right on the recreations. The originals were hand carved. I guess you really need a sculptor to get all the contours correct and the price would be a fortune.


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