Know or Go-Ho-Ho (Know or Go) – Ellen's Game of Games (Episode Highlight)


Answer correctly or down the chimney you go.
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Ellen’s Game of Games features the return to primetime of Ellen DeGeneres to host an exciting new game show that’s one big party!

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The one and only Ellen DeGeneres returns to primetime to host an exciting new game show that’s one big party! Featuring super-sized versions of some of the most beloved games from “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” as well as new ones, contestants will have to maneuver massive obstacles while answering trivia questions, all under the pressure of Ellen’s mischievous and hilarious antics. With DeGeneres’ witty and comedic sensibility, plus fun-filled games, each episode will build to one epic game in which one lucky contestant gets the chance to win the grand prize, but everyone will have a blast!

Know or Go-Ho-Ho (Know or Go) – Ellen’s Game of Games (Episode Highlight)

Ellen’s Game of Games


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  1. One thing I can't stand is when they have people up there who get a question wrong and then are like "Wait! Wait! Wait! Give me another chance!". Hey dimwit, that's not how the game works. Stupid people think they can change the rules.

  2. On when they drop, the arrows aren't the people. you can tell by that because when they drop the arrows make it look like the person is falling high, but you can tell by someone's arm that where they are and the screen in the screen the arms were straight and the other person's were up to her chest.. also the drop isn't that big. at 4:10 you can see a ball pit, or balls or whatever they land on.

  3. If you wanna know where they get sent down then read this:on Ellen Degeneres’ game of games….
    …..If you win, then you will land on a something soft and inflated,
    But if you lose, then you will hit a metal steel floor and die.

  4. 1. 7 times 6=42
    2. Belly button
    3. 8
    4. Antarctica
    5. Merry Christmas
    6. Beth mittler
    7. Harrisburg
    8. Charles Dickens
    9. Clay
    10. Jimmy Stewart

  5. Did anyone else notice that Ellen only has 3 buttons lol, I was wondering if Twitch was controlling them and her buttons are just for show?

  6. Im the Jewish girl watching and when that girl said wood I was like WHAT!!??!?! What do you mean wood??? We have one song man! Come on😂

  7. Ellen: Alright Ryan it was very nice meeting you

    Ryan: You too, love you.

    Ellen: doesn't say it back


    *Replays Ryan words*
    "I love you" in SLO motion
    so everyone remembers his last words, that were brutally rejected before death

    Edit: This is a *JOKE*, I love Ellen and I know he didn't die😂


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