Learn Azure Service Bus: with Quick Programming


A brief tutorial on queues and topics and how they related in Azure’s Service Bus.

Fantastically simple, these powerful tools are a breeze to implement.

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  1. Now obsolete. Replaced by Microsoft.Azure.ServiceBus – https://www.nuget.org/packages/Microsoft.Azure.ServiceBus/

  2. Would've been really useful with a microscope attachment.

  3. Hey Devon can you do a tutorial on Topic as well as relays.. looking forward to it..
    btw thanks for the this quick tutorial helped a lot…

  4. Hi,

    i appreciate your video very much, it has been extremely helpful to me.
    Nevertheless, i would like to give you a little advice:
    To improve code readability, you should use either use larger font or, maybe better, hide the surrounding Output, Solution Explorer and Properties windows. I am a 63 year old software developer and unfortunately my eye vision is by far worse than in my younger Years.

    Thanks !


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