LEARN how a Music Marketing Agency uses FB Ads! (Music Marketing 101)


Have you ever tried to grow your audience 📈 using Facebook Ads? CAN Facebook Ads even WORK for Music?

As a creative, you know that you need an AUDIENCE 📣… but, growing an audience organically is like getting rich through a lottery ticket 🎫: it’s a crapshoot 💩 that taxes you every single day.

On this series of Tiny Tutes installments, Indepreneur Founder & CEO Circa demystifies the Facebook Ads platform for musicians – cutting through the nonsense to give you expert level knowledge of Facebook Ads and how they can (and do) help musicians create their own business around their artwork.

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What we make videos with:

Camera Setup
The Most Spec’d Out Camera Under $2k –
The Best Autofocusing, Stabilizing Lens for ^ That Camera –
The Crispiest Manual Focusing Lens for ^ That Camera –
The Adapter That Makes ^ That Lens Possible –
The Telescoping Stick That Makes All The Dope Shots –
The Video Tripod That We Use For Everything –
The Flexible Mini-Tripod That Everyone Complains About But Is Actually Amazing And Sturdy –

Audio Setup
Deity V-Mic d3 Pro w/ Travel Kit –
Audient iD14 –

Lighting Setup
Aputure C120d Mark II w/ Light Dome Mini II –
Light Stand –
Aputure AL-MX –

Our Favorite YouTubers (COMMENT and let ’em know we sent you!):
Potato Jet (AMAZING Videography/Cinematography Lessons From A Goofball) –
CaseyNeistat (The Most Popular Good Vlog Ever) –
Peter McKinnon (Videography and Photography Lessons From A Warm-Hearted Badass) –
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MKBHD (Tech Reviews From A Real Life Superhero Alter-Ego) –
Matti Haapoja (Videography/Creativity Lessons From Canada’s Yung Gawd) –
Andrew Huang (This Guy Makes Music Fun Again Every Day) –
DigitalMarketer (This Company Teaches Digital Marketing Better Than Anyone) –

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  1. Halfway through FanFinder. Kicking myself that this information wasn't in my brain 10 years ago. Thanks to Circa and the team!

  2. Thanks for sharing!!!! 💪🏾💪🏾 awesome straight forward delivery! 👏🏾👏🏾🔥

  3. Your videos are crystal clear high quality…Could you kindly share what you use and do to achieve this? Thank you x

  4. Ive spent so much time looking for music promotion tips and tutorials.
    Most people out there just give these generic advices like "Create good content!" or "Send to bloggers and Follow up!" All of this basic stupid things that we already know.
    You guys are actually giving real, concrete and detailed advices, so thank you for that, you got a suscriber.

  5. Excellent stuff! I decided to run my first campaign with a messenger button on our latest video (our first and only to be honest :). Just starting out but we are very excited! Thanks for the good work Circ!

  6. Do you offer services? We stay busy touring pretty much full time and need to step up our marketing. Can we hire you? We’ve got a ton of new content ready for 2020 but need help!

  7. 6.2k subs!? your content trumps a lot of the bigger pages I see. Keep this up. Very easy to comprehend and stay engaged with.

  8. The new facebook rules dont alow pages to send promotional messages by facebook messenger! the new rule alows you to send multiple messages to the user after he signs up to your bot and after 24h you will only be able to send 1 message to the user and after that you cant send any more messages to him/her.

    The name of this new rule is 24+1, you can look into it on google, and facebook.

    Please dont use messenger, pages have been banned because of this.

    I recomend you guys to use e-mail

  9. super great content mate! i have no idea how will i work but now i have direction to go through>> thank you


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