Let's Learn C++ ~ Basics: 1 of 14 ~ Visual Studio Setup + My First Program


Learn the basics of programming in C++ (Cpp) in this series of tutorials! This first lesson focuses on installation of Visual Studio Community Edition and building your first program. This lesson follows the C++ Core Guidelines.


➤ Debug + Regular Challenges:

➤ Download Visual Studio:


♦ LLC++ #1 ~ Visual Studio Setup + My First Program:

♦ LLC++ #2 ~ Variables & Data Types:

♦ LLC++ #3 ~ Operators & Input:

♦ LLC++ #4 ~ Arrays, Chars & Strings:

♦ LLC++ #5 ~ References & Pointers:

♦ LLC++ #6 ~ If, Else, Switch & Conditional Operator:

♦ LLC++ #7 ~ For, While, Do, Nested Loops:

♦ LLC++ Solutions #1-7:

♦ LLC++ #8 ~ Additional Libraries ~ Boost + GSL:

♦ LLC++ #9 ~ Functions p1 ~ Input, Output, Body:

♦ LLC++ #10 ~ Functions p2: Headers, Macros & Namespace:

♦ LLC++ #11 ~ Functions p3: Const, Pre/Post Conditions

♦ LLC++ #12 ~ Debugging

♦ LLC++ #13 ~ Enum, Struct, Ascii

♦ LLC++ #14 ~ Classes p1

♦ LLC++ ~ Solutions #8-14


➤ Let’s Learn C++: BASICS

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➤ Let’s Learn Python: OOP

➤ Let’s Learn Python: Scripting


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  1. When a tutorial is almost 4 years old and its still relevant.
    Also at the part where he said: std stands for mature content Transmitted disease I burst out into tears 🙂

  2. Thank you so much! You were the first tutorial that explained what you were teaching instead of just telling the viewer to do stuff and then just being like, "Yeah, and so things happened"

  3. First of all learn how to teach. All I hear is type this and type that, if you want people to learn you need to explain everything

  4. Taking intro to algorithmic programming next semester. Will use these videos to learn c++ obe the winter and get an easy A in the class. Thanks for the videos

  5. This is great Trevor, thank you, and thank you so much for this class. I did have two head-scratchers, which were solved by a quick trip online.

    For the record, I'm running VS 2017. Your version might be different.
    1) Load messages "cannot find PDB file." On the VB forum: http://www.vbforums.com/showthread.php?858051-RESOLVED-Cannot-find-or-open-the-PDB-file

    Tools -> Options -> Debugging -> Output Window -> Module Load Messages -> Off

    2) The CMD screen flashes by, even when (CTRL+F5 = running), the solution is to set the subsystem to console. On Stack Exchange: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1775865/preventing-console-window-from-closing-on-visual-studio-c-c-console-applicatio


    The correct answer is the one by @TrevorRobinson: Here is the expanded version if you have trouble finding out where the config properties are: Right-click on your project in Visual Studio > Properties > Configuration Properties > Linker > System, change Subsystem to "Console" – PlagueHammer Jan 9 '14 at 0:39"

  6. Try it

    Void main()


    * *
    * * *
    * * * *

    U can add more stars too…👍

  7. the moment i press #include that's where my program got freeze and then restart again! i need solution for this problem!! i've done so many times but still same problem

  8. first i can not great empty project put i can make a consol project and delete the writing to make empty project
    second the sln files open visual studio without any project in

  9. I dropped out of college because of this class, it's too damn hard and the instructor just went so fast in class. He just assumed we understood everything he said and moved on to the next chapters so quickly.

  10. I hate MVS. You would think that people programming a programing program would not have it break every 5 seconds.
    NOOOO! It HAS to be completely confusing and NOT OPEN THE PROGRAM I TELL IT TO OPEN! I am not stupid! I know how to open files and make files, apparently this doesn't!

    ALSO, on my Lenovo it completely stopped running programs at all. I checked my antivirus at least 10 times, and Avast had no problem woth it before, or after.
    No. Window pops up and instantly leaves.

    On the HP, it keeps giving me errors for code I KNOW worked like a day before. I double, tripple checked and then copied and PASTED into MVS and it still lost it's brain.

    Freaking thing.

  11. #include trevor payne
    i have imported you mate you really helpful, you just made my day better my first c++ lecture was hell

  12. Best tutorial ever. All other tutorial assume the audience already knows and skip the important little details. As someone who just started programming, this helps a lot. Thanks a lot T Payne!


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