Leveling the Lawn Before Reseeding Part 1


We are almost to the point of reseeding my lawn as part of my lawn renovation but before that happens I wanted to try to level the lawn as much as possible. I am using topsoil here because that’s what my native soil consists of and over time I will begin to introduce sand as topdressing to further level things out. I also decided to aerate before leveling to open up the soil and have some room for the new seed to better root into the existing ground.

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  1. If you're interested how this project turned out…check out the full playlist with everything from start to finish! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzripA58GQvHb7OCzWrvmCcan8g4Sz0WR

  2. Ryan, what kind of dirt or topsoil do you recommend for leveling a small 2500sq ft yard and to plant new seed from scratch?

  3. I plan on doing a renovation on both my front and backyard. Would you recommend doing both at the same time? they are both not really big . Less than 4,000 square feet

  4. Hello everyone. Im basically restarting my lawn as the videos shows and i have the following question. Instead of using a core aerator prior to leveling and reseeding my yard. Could i just use a tiller/ cultivator to mix and loosen up the soil. Im leaning towards using the tiller/cultivator cause i own one as opposed to renting a core aerator machine. I Understand you would want to plug holes in the yard to ventilate the soil, but isn’t loosing it up with the cultivator essentially the same thing? Btw my yard has a serious thatch problem (thats is why im detaching and restarting it), if i had to guess right now i have about 1/4 inch of organic soil over clay. I do plan on bring in good top soil so that i can grow the grass on a thicker layer of organic material.

    Any recommendations? Thanks

  5. How thick do I need my topsoil layer to be with this method? I’m trying to calculate how much topsoil I need to buy. I have a 12,000 sq ft. lawn

  6. Would it be better to level first and then aerate? Really just asking not trying to be a wise guy. I’m getting ready to do this soon so was just wondering. Thanks for your help. Great video!

  7. I dont know anything about lawn care but found your videos, great content! I have a question for you Ryan, in my backyard there seems to be some leveling issues and it was suggested by our inspector that we put down some top soil to level it (so water doesn't pool around the house when it rains), however in my mind (knowing nothing) I felt that would just create a lot of mud when it rained. What else could I be missing from their suggestion? After watching your videos I really want to kill everything and start over to relevel. We have so many variations of grass and weeds its hideous. Your thoughts?

  8. My husband and I have been watching all tour videos! We have already killed off the grass in our backyard and will start leveling this weekend. Any suggestions on how aerate with out an aerator? Our back yard is fairly small.

  9. Please stop calling it “dirt”. It is soil, a living thing. Dirt is what you vacuum up in your house. Any Master Gardener is taught that on the first day of 12 weeks of instruction to become a MG

  10. Doing a lawn renovation myself following these steps. Do you think that aerating the lawn and also a cover such as peat moss is necessary if I plan on using a soil seeder?

  11. I have a question? Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of aerating if your going to plug the cores again when you level and roll it in? Does it help clumping grass seeds?


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