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This is a light and uplifting music mix, originally released as “Essence N°2”. Soft music you can use during work and focus time. Work, study, concentrate, or: Take a break, let the music do it’s magic while you relax, meditate, let your thoughts run free, do some yoga, perhaps have a short but good sleep, or take a minute to just think about your day, your goals, your dreams!

This mix is made of the following tunes:
relaxdaily N°057; N°049; N°060; N°071; N°056; N°045; N°064; N°063; N°067; and N°065.

Michael (relaxdaily music and video creator)

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  1. Hi random person,
    If you are watching this video it means that you have a lot on your mind and you need to study, but I'm sure that it will go very well on your work so do not stress and study. Good luck

  2. this is a tough time lets all just relax and think of when this going to be over. nothing can stop you from being you. so don't let Covid-19 push you around. Just relax.
    Thank you for reading

  3. In this Corona Virus Age where we are all having to adapt, keep positive, stay healthy, reach out to your neighbors to make sure they are doing okay, thank a fireman/woman, thank a police officer, thank a doctor, nurse, delivery person, mail carrier, all those who are out there working for all of us. Be respectful of others and wear a mask when in public. Most of all, be kind and help whenever and however you can. Together, we will beat this.

  4. 🚨🚧🚨

    🔒⬇️17 APRIL 2020🇳🇿

    On 3rd week.
    PM announced yesterday what level.3 may look like should lockdown be lifted (along those lines)

    30 mins after announcement, Employment Manager informed our team to continue working from home.

    IT IS TIME 🦁

    New Normal, cause: COVID-19.



  5. Now i can work in peace!. I am a 4th grader that needs to do her homeschooling her teachers told her to do. As everyone knows i am and many others r home school and are under lockdown because of the crisis!:( ….. I hope we are all safe from this covid 19 and i hope none of u are at risk and if u are i hope u get well soon! I u have any relatives or family members who are hard at work to stop this crisis, THANK U!!

  6. This is getting me the days right now during the Corona virus outbreak. So many hours sitting at home on my own worrying about what is happening in the world today and this beautiful melody is truly uplifting my spirits X

  7. Very nice. Keep up the good work.
    Guys also check my channel for motivational quotes if you wish 🙏


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