Maeve and Otis – The Lingering Looks of Love | Sex Education


Maeve and Otis from Sex Education have a very not-quite-on-again not-quite-off-again relationship. In this video take a look at all the moments of love, tension and angst as they swap lingering looks (of love?).

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  1. Don't play with our feelings..I felt like crying while watching season2 final episode…it's really sad Otis and maeve didn't end up together….I can't wait to watch season 3 …please..please.. release season 3 within 2021..

  2. Watching all their interviews, podcasts alongside Laurie's interviews etc. In one of hers, she said she is not particularly interested in moving the storyline out of Moordale, as she thinks University could be irrelevant. Having said that, the S2 had already started with a new term. So maybe one or two seasons more.

  3. It’s very rare that I ship two couples that hard in a show. Usually I’m only focused on one but Maeve+Otis and Adam+Eric are just everything I can’t choose.

  4. WOULD YOU RATHER 1/ have s3 and maeve and otis get together but no s4 OR 2/have s3 but we just get a kiss at the end with otis and maeve but we'll get s4? Like for 1 comment for 2

  5. The path of true love for them is complicated, but the tougher the path, the more magical the story will be for us. <3

  6. Those facial expressions at 2:47 from Emma Mackey are incredible, in just 3 seconds she starts of with a smile, and then the sigh shows Maeve's inner conflict, she knows she had to respect that Otis is in a relationship, you see the regret as well knowing that she did the same to him in season when she was with Jackson, this scene has the best acting in the entire series hands down.

  7. Isaac u piece of shit now u are making me cant wait until season 3 is released i was so sure that otis and maeve will date in season 2 and now they still havnt date until the end of season 2


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