Maeve's Abortion Story | Sex Education | Netflix


Relive Maeve’s abortion story as she finds strength in the other women around her and sees Otis show up for her as the support she needed.


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  1. PEOPLE! I am seeing alot of this in the comments and I just feel like everyone should stop dreading what could have been and judging Maeve for not telling jackson or saying that she should have kept it and what not bit let's not dwell on what could have been but instead treasure what is here. Maeve made the decision she felt right so let's leave it at that 🙂 no hate , no hard feelings just a friendly comment.

  2. To all those people who think abortion should be illegal
    It's not your choice to make whether someone should have a child or not
    If they're ready for it then they can have it.
    And it's better to abort than giving a tough life to your child. No one wants their children to suffer.

  3. To be honest, I really wished she didn't had an abortion. I respect her decision, but seeing the way she handled with Elsie made me cry. She would've been a great mum but then again, it would be hard for her. A teen mum in an already bad environment. She would've been an excellent mom.

  4. i love how netflix portrayed this. when i think of maeve, and im sure you are the same, i dont think of her having an abortion. sometimes i even forget about this part of the storyline, which i like to be honest because it shows a woman who’s had an abortion isnt defined by it. even though maeve had an abortion, it isnt something that is brought up at all really again, and life just goes on. yes it was a hard decision for her, it didnt rock her whole world and permanently change her life like a baby would’ve, which is why a lot of women have abortions; so they can carry on their life as normal

  5. I went through an abortion recently.
    And I am angry. Because I'm afraid to type this comment, because I'm afraid for the hate I might receive, but I deserve to take up this space. I want to open this conversation, and not be ashamed! I want to know I'm not alone in this, because I am SURE there are many more women out there who have experienced this. But we seem to not be allowed to talk about this.
    I am angry. Because this is MY life and MY body, I make the choices over MY life and future. I became pregnant while having a copper IUD. Apparently, the copper IUD had shifted down my uterus, which you do not feel at all, but it doesn't make it a safe contraception anymore. There is no way I could have known this had happened.
    And then I had a choice to make, which was a whole process in and of it's one. I have seen the ultrasound, together with my partner, I have cried my eyes out, I have thought of all possible scenario's, I have consulted a social worker, I have talked about it with my mother so much, I have journaled about it, I have seriously considered EVERY option out there, I have connected with the child inside of me, loved him/her, and with my pregnancy.
    But still, I felt that I did not want this in my life right now, and I did not wish for a child to be unwanted, EVER. This was the hardest choice I have EVER made in my life, and I am still so sad about it and feel such a big sense of loss and grieve, but I feel in my heart, that this was the right choice for me. I do not feel regret. But I do feel so lonely in my grieve because there is such a big taboo on this! I am afraid of the judgement of pro-lifers, and THAT's what I am angry about! This was a tragedy in my life, and I shouldn't be afraid to get shamed for it!
    I shouldn't have to be afraid to OPEN up about this, to connect with other women on this. This scene, and this series, empowered me to write this. I won't be silenced, we deserve to connect on this, every women who went through the same thing. We don't have to do this alone.

  6. this scene is so realistic, when you doing an abortion you know something doesn’t feels right but this choice is for the best, and it very sad to doing that, and i also think maeve doing the right not telling jackson, in maeve perspective jackson is in the right path, his future probably bright and she doesn’t want to destroy that by telling him she was pregnant.. and also why whenever the smiths playing i always cry lmao

  7. I know I am commenting really late but it is my cousin on the right in this scene 00:32 or around that time. I am so proud of her

  8. I love this show, and they have so many scenes that provide more accurate representations, the only thing this clip doesn't show, that the episode did was the protesters outside the clinic when she walked in

  9. Everyone talks about abortion like it's a sin but it's better to end the child's life there rather than it to suffer due to the mistake of nof using protection.

    Not everyone is proud of abortion. Don't treat it like they are a bad person.

  10. Es escuchar sex education y ya sale el aborto de mierda . Que asco , hacen víctima a quien no es . Netflix tiene contenido de mierda. Como no ? No sale ni el aborto típico de los pro aborto, solo ponen a la mujer con cada de pena que realidad esta deseado que mate no mato y quirarse el marroncen vez de asumir responsabilidades por no tomarse lo wie debía . Los abortista siempre hablan que lo pasan mal y que lloran pero luego ni quieren ver un aborto por dentro lo mas gracioso esque dicen no es nada y que es muy avanzado los videos que se ponen de anti aborto pero esque estas putas fampoco se ponen así, más no quieren ni que se les ayuden X que sus razones de aborto son escusas para mo asumir nada

  11. Es escuchar sex education y ya sale el aborto de mierda . Que asco , hacen víctima zxquien no es . Netflix tiene contenido de mierda .

  12. It's a creepy and sad scene that causes vomiting because it's because it promotes the fact that killing babies is like going to the supermarket, planned parenthood is worse than Osama Bin Laden and Hitler together.


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