Make Amazing 3D Models for Film and Games


This shows the typical workflow of 3d artists for game and film and should help beginners understand the stages and what they need to learn.

Learn the basics with this playlist:



Sketchfab :

Texture painting –
Texture painting with textures –
Sculpting quick start guide –
retopology guide –


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  1. Wow, these YouTube algorithms are getting scary good. I was literally taking notes in another app on what I understood the workflow to be and when I came to YouTube your video on this subject was up on top. I was mistaken on the order of texturing and shading (because I thought you’d paint the high poly model before retopo etc… but now I see you can bake the normals or displacements from that, retexture on the low poly and then paint that?). Anyway. Very important video. Thank you for sharing

  2. This video is absolutely brilliant. You did what no one else was able to do in a very clear, short and concise way. Now i feel like I finally understand what 3D modelling is all about and how to get to an end product instead of just hearing loose words like"normal maps" and "baking" thrown around. Thank you very much!

  3. The video is cool, but why do you use a blender instead of, for example, zbush for sculpting, 3ds max or Maya or cinema4d for modeling and, for example, substance painter for texturing and baking?

  4. nice explaination, that thing with the animating that is really crazy to pull off never thought taking a walk would be that hard to make

  5. Why do we go from high poly to low poly? Is it better do a low poly model first, than add details in for the normal map? You wouldn't have to retopologize. I'm sure there's a good reason :).

    Oh and thanks for all the videos. I know I've been commenting a lot – you pretty much took me from a cube to making my own badly animated rigged characters with textures and material. There is still much I need to improve on. You're the best!

  6. I am wanting to do some indie/hobby animations. I'd like to make simple cartoons for my son as well as be able to do some 3d animations. I am looking for a good resource to learn how to do this in blender. Do you know of any channels or classes (Udemy, eDX, etc) that teach from a beginner on up?

  7. I just can't sculpt like that, lol.. I love these stylized animations but I'm definitely not an artist and just not good at things like that at all.

  8. loving your videos! had to subscribe! I was wondering if you in any way could combine the 2 different styles in any way, for example if you were making say a person with armor or something like a jetpack, could you make the person with a focus on sculpting and then make said object the other way and add it onto the character?

  9. Very important video. When you start with 3d modeling, maybe for videogames or only for a nice rendering, you get overloaded with certain Informations about programs, texturing, sculpting and so on, but you have no idea where to start. Thank you for the video. I also learned some more things 🙂

  10. Is there any other kind of workflow and will it depend from people to people? Because I do, low poly(maya) > high poly(zbrush) > texture (substane painter) > render

    You're workflow is very new to me, and I want to experience it 😀


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