Medical Coding and Billing Salary | Health Information Tech Job Overview, Income, Education


Learn medical coding and billing salary information, job overview, school and education requirements, certification, average hourly income, and more.

Medical coders or billing workers are sometimes called by different titles, such as medical records and health information technicians, billing tech, coders, medical records specialists, or health information technicians.

Although health information techs do not provide direct patient care, they play a very important role within the healthcare industry. They often work with other healthcare professionals such as registered nurses and doctors. In cases where a healthcare worker’s documentation is unclear, medical coders and billing professionals may have to contact them for clarification.

In order to become a health records information technician, you’ll first need a high school diploma or GED equivalent. Next, you’ll have to complete a certificate program or graduate from an accredited associate degree program. Certification programs generally last 6-12 months, whereas an associate degree program lasts approximately two years. Medical coding and billing schools should be accredited.

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  2. i want to do a 12 month or less certificate program online. do they have that. send me info. i want to try that first

  3. While looking for vids like this I saw this and thought a man with a suit and beard like that has to know what they’re talking about.

  4. Medical billing and coding  , is this major  has different type of certificates in Medical billing and coding  ? I'm confusing please. I live in Skokie ,IL. I speak, read, write : French, Arabic, and not well English, I'm just get my GED Certificate. Are my languages will help me to use them in one of these major LPN  or in Medical Billing and coding ? I'm mom of little children, I need your help  and advices please. I did not find Medical Billing and coding for two years for associate degree close to my location ? even I'm looking for LPN I don't know how to find it close to my location. Would you help me please ? Thank you for your videos and your help.

  5. I'm currently doing a course for medical billing and coding, loving it so far, and this helps confirm I made a great choice. I'm a hermit but I love the sciences and medicine in particular.

  6. this position is not as much. I took a class in trade school while in school. some people took the exam which is expensive and they passed it.
    I need to study again because I think I forgot. n.n
    but medical billing is fun. I like it.
    thanks for the information! God bless! 🙂

  7. Thank you so much for keeping my request in mind! This is another field I will pursue after my Associates degree in Medical Assistant.

  8. I have an associate of applied science in medical billing and coding and I agree, it can be repetitive. That's the primary reason I am back in school to become a nurse. I do which to get into case management later on in life, so my education and degree won't go to waste….Great video as always. Very informative.


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