The true story of the woman who created some of the most beloved characters in children’s literature comes to the screen in this drama leavened with elements of comedy and romance.

Beatrix Potter is a imaginative but gently eccentric woman living in the socially and intellectually confining circumstances of Victorian England. Potter’s wealthy parents are eager for her to marry a successful man and settle down, but she has ideas of her own, and has been writing and illustrating a series of stories for children centered around a character she calls Peter Rabbit. Potter’s efforts to find a publisher for her stories prove difficult, but in time she finds a firm who agrees to give her book a chance, and Norman Warne is put in charge of the project. While Warne is new to the publishing game, he believes Potter has great talent and potential, and throws himself into the work with enthusiasm. A strong personal bond grows between Potter and Warne, and in time he asks her to marry him; however, Beatrix’s parents do not approve of Norman, and she is forced to choose between her mother and father and the man she loves. Norman’s sister Mille urges Beatrix to follow her heart, and she accepts Norman’s proposal, but fate has other plans.

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  1. A true artist! My children were raised in the atmosphere she created. My son had an English accent as a toddler from watching the movies from her books! Haha it confused everyone 🤔

  2. I can't thank you enough for posting this beautiful film. On my only trip to England, my lifetime dream, I saw the film going and coming back from my lovely month long visit. It always brings such joy to me, as an artist, an animal and nature lover, and an former art educator. Now to go find my Kleenex.

  3. Thank you soooo much for downloading this movies whoever you are!!!! I really appreciate it thank you so much!!!!!

  4. Wow, the quality of the movie is the best quality for movies I’ve seen on YouTube so far. I love this movie so much, so thank you for uploading it.

  5. This was just lovely! Made me so happy to find this and be able to watch it. Made my whole week and it is only Monday.

  6. I loved this. Thank you so much. It was so amazing to watch. I cried and laughed and I am so inspired all over again.

  7. Enjoy it while is here, it's just a matter of time You Tube will take it down.
    It's such a great movies I bought a copy about 6 months ago.

  8. Watching this on Boxing Day 2019! Oh my heart! I just love the English countrysides!! Thank you truly, dear Archiver, Merry Christmas to you and all here and A Happy New Year 2020! 💋🥰

  9. Can't wait to watch this film, on my "what to watch next" list! And thanks for the soundtrack listing in the video notes!

  10. One of those films that will always have a special place within the most cherished memories. Thank you for uploading it.


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