MOM HACKS ℠ | Arts & Crafts (Ep. 2)


12 awesome ways to make the the most of craft time by reducing mess, keeping supplies neat, and teaching your kid proper technique. Share this video and subscribe (it’s free!) for more from this new series and videos every M-W-Th-F!

Ep. 1 Grocery Shopping:
Ep. 2 Arts & Crafts:
Ep. 3 Laundry Edition:

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You can find supplies in the links below:
Marbles (for lazy susan)

Baking pans (for lazy susan)

Muffin pan (for portable art tray)

Muffin liners (for portable art tray)

Glass containers (for diy watercolor)

Denatured Alcohol (to remove paint/marker from a surface)

Lint Roller (to pick up glitter)

Press N Seal (for mess-free surface)

Gallon Ziploc Bags (for mess-free craft)

Vegetable Oil (to unclog glue cap)

Plastic container (for glue sponge)

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