Mother goes off at service dog handler after daughter petting plea is refused


A service dog handler was forced to say no to a pushy mother who allowed her daughter to approach the dog who was in training.

The footage, filmed December 19 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, shows the mother shouting at the service dog handler Megan Stoff because her daughter wasn’t allowed to pet the dog.

The woman in the video can be heard arguing with the handler saying: “You should have a sign saying you can’t pet!”

Stoff can be heard replying to the shouting woman: “It’s illegal to harass service dogs!”.

Megan told Newsflare: “The mother walked away and continued about her business. Suddenly she came back to argue because she was mad the handler didn’t apologize to her.”


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  2. And the sad thing is in this video you can see the one girl sitting on the floor clutching to her service dog because this is most likely giving her an anxiety attack. The pure audacity of people to just assume they are entitled to pet your dog when they want and they deserve more than a simple no.

  3. actually it's not illegal to record anyone in public, especially someone harassing someone. And anyone has a right to refuse someone to petting any animal.

  4. I’m sorry but my first thought when I saw the thumbnail was Tori from Victorious. Please tell me I’m not the only one who sees the resemblance from that episode where she gave attitude to two talentless girls…

  5. Fuck me it’s not illegal who video when are people gonna wise up!
    The dogs in training you stupid cretins aw but I forgot the rules don’t apply to the entitled do they!#TheSelfishGeneration

  6. Don’t pet random stranger’s dogs without their consent, you never know what’s going on with someone’s dog. Also service dogs are working dogs, admire them from a distance. Don’t distract them from their jobs!

  7. I could sympathize with this mother if the girl looked even remotely upset by the incident. There are zero fucks to be given, no child was harmed in the refusal of this request. This grown woman had her own pride wounded and now someone has to suffer.

  8. This is how stupid kids get bit and innocent dogs get put down. WHETHER IT’S A SERVICE ANIMAL OR NOT, YOU HAVE TO ASK!

  9. I would have liked to see her face if they had approached her daughter and taken her in her arms and looked at her without her permission, there she would have shouted like a hyena

  10. The girl at the end: "lEaRn ReSpEcT."
    Okay but she can harass the service dog and be rude to the owner for saying no?

  11. Imagine being a police officer and some lady calls just to say “yes hello?, THIS WOMAN WONT LET ME PET HER SERVICE DOG !! 😡, I would just straight up hang up and quit my job LMFAO


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