Music Production 4 Dummies


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Hi here’s a vid for anyone interested in whats involved in my creative process!! It doesn’t really matter how u go about it though, if it ends up sounding how u want then u have done a good job :))
Please do feel free to leave questions in the comments on anything production-based and I’ll try my best to help ya out.

Music at the start was Make my cry by fox academy!!

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  1. that's such a cool trick to reach those higher range notes. kinda reminds me of how the beatles recorded "strawberry fields forever". the chorus (starting at "going to") was from a different take which was heavier and harder, and also in a slightly higher key. they cut and taped it in between the verses from the other take and slowed the chorus down to match the key, so john lennon's voice shifts into a sort of lower deeper tone in the chorus.

  2. 21:41 So in logic there's actually a feature where you can put random velocity on midi instruments that i found on accident which is really cool


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