Music Zirconia Tribute Band Demo Reel


Music Zirconia Tribute Band Demo Reel

Music Zirconia is the United States largest Tribute Band Agency! The above demo Reel only provides just a few of the Ultimate Tribute Band acts featured on the Music Zirconia roster of 900 Tribute Bands!

If you would Like to book any of the above bands Click Here:
or call Music Zirconia at 858-598-7311

For More Information on the featured Tribute Bands above
Rumors – Fleetwood Mac Tribute Band:
Kenny Metcalf – Elton John Experience:
Strangelove – Depeche Mode Tribute Band:
The Cured – The Cure Tribute Band:
Desperado – The Eagles Tribute Band:
Red Not Chili Peppers – Red Hot Chili Peppers Tribute Band:
Space Oddity with David Brighton – David Bowie Tribute Band:
Electric Light Overture – Electric Light Orchestra Tribute Band:
Kalimba – Earth Wind and Fire Tribute Band:
Queen Nation – Queen Tribute Band:
On The Edge – Lady Gaga Tribute Band:
Black Eyed Teas – Black Eyed Peas Tribute Band:
Damage INC. – Metallica Tribute Band:


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