My Favorite Social Media Tools To Help You Create Engaging Content


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Hey guys! On this video I’m going to walk you through my favorite social media tools to create engaging content and knock your fans socks off!

It’s definitely a must-watch if you’re trying to figure out which tools can help you take your content creation to the next level on social media.

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  1. Please slow down when talking. I couldn't understand some of the apps you were referring to, i had to search in links with how you spell it bc i couldn't understand what you were saying

  2. Ugh I can’t remember which video you mentioned a website or app that’s free and you can whiten the background of a picture?? Lol

  3. you could have added text displayed for the names the video for help…some guys who cannot make idea of the accent…

  4. This is an awesome video! Creating content for social media can be so daunting and these are great tools to make it easier. Hope you don't mind if I share something that might be valuable to your audience—I recently did a podcast episode on social media content curation. You can check it out here:

  5. Hi I like your description and energy but this video would have been much better if you showed an image on screen or mini example of what you've created or what can be created with the suggestions mentioned also with links in the description.

    I do like your videos just mentioning for future videos 🙂

  6. Hi Kim, I used Legend and made a short quote video then I transferred it to my Mac but the video format is m4V , obviousely I can not use it to add it to other videos while editing but wondered whether I can use it for facebook from my mac rather than my phone? My question is considering these apps are all on phone can I make small videos and then transfer to mac and then use them on facebook?


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