New Legends from Rivals of Ixalan | Game Knights #14 l Magic the Gathering Gameplay Commander / EDH


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Craig “Mr. Infect” Blanchette makes his long-awaited return to the show, alongside former Magic: the Gathering creative team member Mel Li, to battle it out with the new multicolored legends from Rivals of Ixalan! It’s an epic throwdown between Kumena, Elenda, Azor and Zacama.

Who will emerge victorious? ONLY ONE MAY STAND!!

(Links to the deck lists are included below)


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Craig Blanchette



Terry Robertson & Dom Rollandeli – Additional Editing
Lauren Haroutunian – Director of Photography
Geoffrey Palmer – Special Graphics and FX
Danny Batterman – Script Supervisor and L2 Judge
Bonnie Bacevich – Set Design



Jimmy’s Kumena:

Craig’s Zacama:

JLK’s Elenda

Mel’s Azor:


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  1. I would’ve attacked Mel and Craig only because then there would be a chance of gaining up to 110 life which would force the action anyway

  2. swing at Mel and Craig, because you basically kill both of them, he's gonna flash it in on the end step, you might as well deal a lot of damage

  3. I would’ve attacked Jimmy, Jimmy made it too clear that he was bluffing, nobody counts their mana out loud, and if he did get cyclonic rift he would’ve counted as soon as he got it, not right in that moment

  4. If I knew the person pretty well, and I could trust that if I didn't aim my giant creatures at them they wouldn't rift, I would try to take out the other players first to reduce possible answers to my board. If I didn't know what they would do, I would full swing and hope they don't have it.

  5. I would swing at Jimmy. My opinion on any table threat. Unless it is visible instant death threat, DON'T LIVE IN FEAR FOREVER! That's worse than getting board wiped.


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