No One Tested Your Thyroid Completely I Blood Test For Thyroid I Nutrition Expert Palak


Hypothyroidism Blood Test / Blood Test For Thyroid: If you are having the symptoms of thyroid but doctors say that you are absolutely fine, it could be possible that your doctor is not doing Complete Hypothyroidism Blood Test.

DIY Home Hypothyroidism Blood Test includes testing body temperature:

Normal basal body temperature range (immediately upon waking) should be between 97.8°F and 98.2°F. Healthy mid-afternoon body temperature (around 3:00 p.m.) is 98.6°F.

If the body temperature is low:

You are hypothyroid
If you are on the medicine, check the dosage with another endocrinologist
Low Iron Levels.

Keep adjusting your dosage until and unless you have fixed your body temperature values

Complete hypothyroidism blood tests are I Blood Test For Thyroid
Vitamin D

To learn more about Blood Test For Thyroid :

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  1. Hi palak,
    How r you ?
    One thing i want to ask you that i do muscle building.I have a muscular body.So How time should i spend for muscle building.

  2. Hello Ma'am
    your informative videos make me more optimistic about life..Great work!
    Ma'am what's the next step after we find out that RT3 is high (as if the the body temperatures vary)
    how to fix it without meds?

  3. Hi. How r u. This month my tsh is 15 last month it was 35. ND tpo is 23 . T4 is 4.30 t3 is 72.60. I'm taking thyroxine 100. And started homeopathic treatment since last month. Plz guide me what should I do. My weight is not coming down. And lost all my hair too.

  4. I had thyroid removed and it was cancerous. I take meds but still get fatigued just waking up. I need to see specialist again I guess.

  5. Hello palak,your information is too good….i have thyroid problm afer my second baby…..almost from 7 years…i take 100mg,then 75and now i m taking 88mg tablets…bt still i have digestive problem,bloating,anxiety,relationships pro…depression is too.mch… hair are very poor condition….plz help me palak…I don't want to take this medicine…so long….plz palak help me…may age is 38…dear god bless u….help me

  6. My health is off completely!! I have digestion issues iron deficiency!! Acid reflux and tpo antibodies to 850 and hypothyroidism :/ have IBS since 3 years now

  7. hi palak ji aap ne spirulina tablet k bary m bataya tha . maine li h .do din huy h. but mery face pr red spot ho gay h

  8. Dear Palak…..
    How are you?
    I m having thyroid problem and i have tested t3-93,t4-8.41,tsh-32.21,ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation-20), rate),AMA (Anti microsomal antibody)-268,ATG (anti thyroglobulin antibody)-84.06.
    Please give me remedy


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