North Carolina Vehicle Inspections are a Racket? | CRF250L


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Where I complain about NC vehicle inspections.
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  1. Pretty sure NC only requires at least one mirror. I've never had both mirrors for at least 3 yrs, never failed an inspection. JoCo ftw!

  2. I had my bike on the hauler when I got it inspected…they never looked at anything on the bike but the mileage.
    turned the key on, told them the mileage, that was it.

  3. I'm starting to think some of the issue is wake county. I didn't even have both mirrors on the Magna when it was inspected, and one of the running lights was out. No fucks given in JoCo ;).

  4. Mine is a 2017. On the paper work for registration renewal it says no inspection required. They say 2017 and up is not required

  5. Vehicle inspections are a joke–definitely a money racket. As is most shit the government comes up with. I agree with your rant, sir. By the way, I don't think those mirrors are bad looking at all. They fit the lines of the bike, in my useless opinion. Take care.

  6. What happened in one year?…… it got in a fight with a parking block for one haha…. I use mirrors a lot so I don't mind them. Keep up these random "boredom" vlogs they're good.


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