Our INSANE Music Producer Setup / Home Studio Tour!


Platinum producer group Beatdemons gives a behind the scene tour of their INSANE home music studio setups!
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  3. I be flowing to ya beats rapping and dancing im a huge fan keep up the amazing work guys💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. Placement of HS7's on their side on second studio, TOTALLY screws up their sound stage pmsl Looks cool like all the pretty lights!!!!

  5. 10’ wide desk, half of the gear is an Xbox. 😀

    Also needs to be noted that the HS 8 happen to be excellent studio monitors and don’t just “look good”.

  6. Is this good for a starting home studio This is my home studio and everything I have and what I’m getting I’m only 15 (turning 16 in March) just saving up money to get everything so when I’m out of school (graduated) I’ll still have what I need and when I move out I can create a little studio for artist around me to come in record have me mix and master their songs then they get them back and upload them
    Studio software-free downloadable softwares
    MIDI keyboard-$60 with fl studio pack
    Condenser mic-$105
    Studio monitors-$88 (a piece I’m buying 2)
    Damper-$10 (homemade Bc you can make one at home)
    Boom stand-$25
    Sound packs-$40 (a piece)
    Fl studio-$105
    Audio interface-$120
    Studio desk-$90
    Acoustic Guitar-$120
    Bass guitar-$220
    Electric guitar-$190
    Then pay for lessons with one instrument at a time
    Watching videos to help me produce better beats,mix better beats/vocals,master better vocals/beats write better lyrics
    Adding all that up is over $1,500 it’ll all be for the equipment $1,901 just for a in home studio which would be almost exactly a professional price would be as a starter professional studio would be $2500-$3000

  7. wtf did I just watch… almost got a stroke trying to understand most of what you said.. why was this recommended to me?

  8. Lol, the Apollo is so much of a better AI it’s insane. Shows how much you really know about your gear. At least you know C minor! Rofl

  9. Second studio looks nice but the monitors sound worse on their side. They are designed to be upright lol


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