Part 2: Dr J. Otis Williams Breaks Down How Sugar, 5G Technology and Modern Medicine Affect The Body


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Part 2: Dr J. Otis Williams Breaks Down How Sugar, 5G Technology and Modern Medicine Affect The Body

Sway’s Universe


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  1. Great man, I've been type 1 diabetic for around 4 years now, none of the doctors have ever even so much as mentioned boosting my immune system , thanks for the information Doc 👍

  2. He is absolutely correct about vitamin d I was tired all the time a green Dr told me if it’s low you should be taking high dosage.. I take 10,000 units a day I feel great no longer cold and tired and easily to get sick..

  3. Damn sway he was about to tell you the difference between natural and synthetic you cut him off. That was a lame ass move

  4. Man I done watched both parts of this interview 2 times,this is great stuff,Doc giving it to us straight. Open up your third eye people,they don't want us to know alot stuff.

  5. I would love to ask this doctor why the black community COVID is attacking more blacks..and if he really believed the excuses my . Black community days about no healthy food…even the guy said he sees all the carts loaded with sodas and harmful foods.

  6. Please give me better information on how to get in touch with DR. Williamson. The Instagram isn't working to get in touch with him.

  7. People skate around the answer. The Dr. asked how much water and the gentleman purposely did not say how much quantity of water. 🙄

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  9. That's bullshit about the grapes tho.. I grew up in Florida and we used to go into the woods and eat wild red grapes straight from the ground! They had NO seeds… Straight out the earth my brother!.. testimony!

  10. He says it's the sugar!!!.His main answer to everyone was watch the sugar, stop the sugar, get off the sugar. Every answer was getting off sugar..he only made mention of 5g cause he was asked..

  11. I came to this reality for the sweets😁😀….remember nobody will make it out alive, so might as well eat the cake🙄

  12. Please invite him back on the show. You interrupted him just as he was talking about the difference between synthetic and natural vitamins. That knowledge would have been very valuable.

  13. Has everyone forget about the tsunami back in 2015 in Japan where the nuclear power plant was destroyed and it leaked into the environment ocean atmosphere and everything else. I can go with that form of radiation poisoning instead of this 5g conspiracy theory. Americans, particularly gov't officials always think stuff can't effect them. They dropped the ball. They failed to lock the country down, when they knew the effects of not doing so.


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