Pastime | 'Say What?!' (HD) | Jeffrey Tambor, Glenn Plummer | 1990


Angered by the fact that Tyrone is put first, Keever says something he’ll soon regret.

In this scene: Peter LaPorte (Jeffrey Tambor), Tyrone Debray (Glenn Plummer), Randy Keever (Scott Plank)

About Pastime:
Roy Dean (William Russ) is too old to be part of his minor-league baseball team’s starting lineup. Tyrone (Glenn Plummer) is so young that he’s also an outcast, so when Roy Dean sees Tyrone pitch, he knows the kid is major-league material. Roy Dean coaches Tyrone on technique, shares the secret of Roy Dean’s special pitch, and advises the kid on the necessity of retaliating when an opposing pitcher deliberately hurls a ball at a teammate.

Starring, in alphabetical order: John Achorn, Ernie Banks, Ernie Lee Banks, Joey Banks, Glenn Plummer, William Russ

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Pastime | ‘Say What?!’ (HD) | Jeffrey Tambor, Glenn Plummer | 1990


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