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Get the tools you’ll need to remove the engine from your Polaris Sportsman 850:

Part one of our Polaris top end rebuild series. In this video John shows you how to remove the engine from a Polaris Sportsman 850 ATV. Look below to jump to a specific part of the engine removal process, or check out the original manufacturer engine mounting diagram:

When you’re finished, let’s remove the head and check out the valve stems in part two:

Check out the whole Sportsman 850 top end rebuild playlist here:

Tools and removal of plastics and battery connection – 1:01
Relieve pressure on fuel system using Schrader valve – 6:09
Remove fuel line going to fuel rail & remove gas tank – 6:22
Drain radiator fluid and remove upper and lower hoses – 6:58
Remove prop shaft – 7:12
Remove bolts connecting engine to transmission (9 bolts) – 7:59
Remove fuel system – 8:11
Remove motor mounts (entire mount and brackets) – 8:42
Pry engine from transmission and remove engine – 9:04

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In the video we’re working with a 2011 Polaris Sportsman 850 ATV, but you will have similar steps for your Polaris ATV. If you’re not sure whether these steps apply to your machine, leave a comment and we’ll get back to you.

How to Bleed Polaris ATV Brakes:

Change the oil on a Polaris Sportsman 850:

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  1. Love your videos! Hi, do you know if a 1999 Polaris Magnum 500 engine can replace a bad engine in a 1997 Polaris Sportsman 500? thanks

  2. I need to buy parts of the engine of the sportman 550, do you ship to Brazil? how do I buy it? paid by PayPal.

  3. I have a 2015 sportsman 850 if I take the deep stick out while it's running It shoots oil out real high is that normal?


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