Police pull over Florida state attorney


Two Florida police officers are facing scrutiny for a traffic stop where they pulled over a state attorney back in June. The entire incident was caught on the officers’ body cameras. CBSN’s Stephanie Sy has details.

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Source: cuocdoidanghien.com

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  1. I don't understand why the Two Police Officers would be facing scrutiny when stopping someone for tinted windows in the state of Florida is a legit and legal reason to stop someone

  2. So he runs tags hoping for something to come up? And if nothing comes up he stops that car?
    Bonus points if you are brownish or black

  3. Worst part about this is. She knows how they do cause they did it to her but she will still try to lock people up when they come to court and say the same thing happened to them

  4. "I don't have a card but I can write down my name for you. "
    5 bucks says that piece of paper said officer John Doe.

  5. "We run cars all the time so we know if they're stolen" says to the first African American state attorney…………No racial profiling at all…

  6. She should have gotten a ticket for the tinted windows if it was a regular person without title they would have gotten a ticket that what's wrong with the law

  7. These P.O.S. knew exactly what they were doing! I loved the way she handled that situation and let them nut up like dogs with their tails between their legs.

  8. I have been pulled over for the same thing. How do plates not come back registered. I handed him my D.L. and registration. 5 minutes later was free to go. It happens. Dark tinted windows draw attention; I don't care who you are. My nephew gets harassed all the time for his windows. His problem. I am a caucasian by the way.

  9. They run tags all the time… and this time it was not the tag they should have. Iv been pulled over like that a couple of times & its bs…. but most times when they catch a bad guy it starts this way so, i don’t care. And what idiot would not seek death penalty for a murderer? That’s stupid & has no place in court:

  10. Can someone explain to me why the officers are in trouble?
    I can not see the reason. As far as I can see, the officers were doing their job.

  11. What does her being the state attorney have to do with anything? She's being pulled over by the police and has to comply with the traffic stop just as any ordinary citizen would have to.
    Her immediate mention of her position reveals that she expects preferential treatment due to her office and the way she acts is just cocky and condescending.
    Now please explain to me why everybody in the comments is praising her attitude which to me is almost tantamount to abuse of power.


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