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When I talk to my fellow real estate appraisers in Portland, OR, I’m surprised at just how few use statistical calculations in the appraisal process. With all of the online data and spreadsheet tools available today, refusal to use statistics in appraisals is like gauging public perception by polling three to six voters and ignoring hundreds or thousands of others. You may be able to get the right answer but, how sure can you be of it?
This is a video that may help my Portland colleagues begin to use statistical tools. The video shows an example of how simple linear regression may be applied in calculating a living area adjustment. Once appraisers see how powerful statistical analysis is, I’m confident that they will want to learn more. Ultimately, the use of statistical analysis makes appraisals more precise and more easily defendable.
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  1. Nice video…With the implementation of Fannie Mae's Collateral Underwriter, I am currently wading through the plethora of shiny new "regression analysis" programs available to real estate appraisers available today. I think it's a good idea as a tool to back up tried and true appraisal methodologies. I would like to see a program on how to set up excel for this task myself instead of use one of these expensive programs. Instant gratification I guess….

    Speaking of typical appraisal practices…..If those are all of your sales comparables in your sample report, your site area is not bracketed and you have no comparables within a half mile…..I'd get in trouble for that in my market LOL.

  2. Very good explanation of why appraisers should use statistics.  It's too bad that most of them don't. Thank goodness that your team does Gary.  That's why your appraisals are always so accurate.  You will always be our go-to guys when we need an appraisal in Portland.

  3. Excellent video…if you need a Portland appraiser, A Quality Appraisal, LLC is the obvious choice.

  4. Thanks for all of the comments everyone.  I love to appraise real estate in Portland, OR and I would love to see our home valuations becoming more professional thru the use of statistics.  Simple regression is only the start.  Multiple regression is the place where even more exciting things happen in appraisal.  Look for more videos in the future.

  5. Great video really shows your skills as an appraiser. I would recommend anyone I know in the Portland area to use you hands down. Keep up the great work.

  6. You know your stuff, no doubt. Whenever someone ask me to recommend a good Portland real Estate Appraiser I definitely give that person your name.

  7. I know you are the most knowledgeable Portland Real Estate Appraiser I know and this video only further cements that thought.  I wouldn't hesitate for a second to recommend you to anyone I know who is in need of an appraisal in the Portland area for divorce, estate, pre-listing, bankruptcy, etc.  Very cool video.  Keep up the good work!


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