Price of pandemic: DC restaurant owner on financial cost of coronavirus protective measures


We’re in damage control mode right now, says Tom Johnson, managing partner of the Hill Restaurant Group, as the service industry braces for layoffs amid COVID-19 crisis.

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  1. Here in Anchorage, Alaska, every bar and restaurant shut down EXCEPT those in the airport. Those workers have not been laid off and cannot claim unemployment. I am one of them, I fear this this doing nothing to help stop this pandemic. When I brought up issues with the airport, I was given some BS reason why alcohol service is essential. I used logic to show the flaws with their idea to keep table and alcohol service going. They blocked all comments on their facebook and took down my reviews. The all-mighty dollar rules up here, not common sense. Us workers are trapped, we need help.

  2. He should close the restaurant and just buy all these cheap stocks! Thanks
    To the Trump Crash of 2020 if you have any capital… you’re gonna make a lot of money

  3. They are saying people that still have their jobs shouldn't get stimulus payment, but what about all the extra expenses from this.

  4. In order to survive this crisis we need to realistically discuss where the crisis originated. The china virus was developed and Weaponized in WUHAN. Whether you believe it started in a wet market from people eating bats or whether you believe it started in a bio lab in the same city that was built by the French five years ago is your decision. China then unleashed this virus on the rest of the world allowing its citizens to travel to more than 80 other countries spreading the virus. China lockdown is country like only a communist country camp and they are recovery. The rest of the world economies are in freefall. China must pay reparations for the damage they’ve done in the lives they cost the citizens of this planet. China is also the worlds greatest thief of intellectual Property. China steals everything from our military weapons to our manufacturing and industrial secrets to the secret recipe for the white cream filling in Oreo cookies which they hacked into DuPont to steal. China has perfected the worlds greatest biological weapon and it is working to perfection. Now Chyna wants to blame the US military win the world knows the truth. America and the rest of the world should boycott anything made in China.

  5. i like the idea of the government paying for my coronobill………….but we should all share in that cost and a loss is all of our responsibility………this is an emergency and we are alllllll surrounded by it…..and we all have a financial price to pay and shouldn't expect the government to do all of it….

  6. In our free enterprise system, we are all EXPECTED to make decisions that not only help us go forward but also protect us from unexpected events. Your house burned down and you did NOT have fire insurance? Whose fault is that? You went skydiving and got hurt badly but you didn't have medical insurance? Whose fault is that? And if you're operating a small business like an eatery but don't have a contingency plan for life if it goes under, whose fault is that?

  7. Must be nice to be a city employee and still receive a paycheck. I wish my company could keep paying me like that.

  8. Trump administration has huge unemployment and more people needing welfare then any other president before him.
    The market has collapsed and he and his buddy Mnuchin and Soros are going to steal the wealth again.
    Worst president ever, get him out before it's too late

  9. Report: Fox Producer Admits Networks’ Pro-Trump Coronavirus Coverage Is ‘Really Irresponsible’Report: Fox Producer Admits Networks’ Pro-Trump Coronavirus Coverage Is ‘Really Irresponsible fox news just as guilty as the orange mennace in misleading the ppl and telling lies

  10. Where are the sick people?  I see politicians talking, Doctors talking, New anchors talking, everyone just talking talking talking.  If you are going to ask the American people to change their lives, lose their jobs and take the hit from a broken economy, the least you can do is show us the sick people and the bodies.  Where are they?

  11. This crisis will not be nearly as bad as many think. It's nice to know that our President is prepared for the worst.
    Illness will peek in a few weeks, then fall off quickly. It's only a cold with big balls, after all.

  12. Seems there is a gap in insurance here. Does the government have to come in and force some regulation?….careful what you ask for, business man. Im not sure what he is trying here…is he going to ask for money? Sounds like it. That would be a huge mistake.


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