Pro Tip: Social Media Calendar to Time Block Posts


Time Blocking is the #1 skill for Realtors to master.

I have a saying that you get your teeth kicked in about 1,000 times during your first year as a Realtor. All you have to do to make it past the first year is keep getting up and moving forward. I’ve compiled these Realtor Pro Tips to make that first year a little easier on you.

Remember we all have what I call “real estate scars” from the many, many lessons this profession teaches us. A scar could be showing the wrong house, having a client flood a bathroom after going #2 and try to catch the water with the pots and pans from the kitchen, a seller using a bottle to pee in while sitting on the couch during your listing presentation, and on, and on.

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I have coached over 25 Agents to $100k in Gross Commission Income (GCI) or better from no sales experience in less than 18 months.It doesn’t matter if you are doing ZERO or 60 deals a year. You are not beyond being able to use these resources.

Be sure to leave a comment below the video if you have any questions. I’ll personally respond to as many as I can. Love to help you figure this area out.


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