Professional Level How To Vinyl Wrap Corners Like A BOSS


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A short video just for you guys because you’ve requested it many times. This is how I do all corners. I almost never do then any other way.

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  1. Thanks idol
    Pls help me how to buy like that vinyl here in the Philippines they dont have like that vinyl.they have a lot of vinyl here but made from China it's very poor quality

  2. Thank you so much. I'm wrapping my 10 year old yellowish cream kitchen cupboards with white now. So much more modern and I got the beveled edged corners perfect with the help of this tutorial

  3. Chris,
    Just wanted to extend my appreciation to you for this video. I am tackling a partial wrap on my off-road Lexus GX470. I have not been happy with the corners. This video answered a lot of my questions about wrapping the corners. Your door-handle video was also a blessing for me (actually all your videos!). Please know how much help and guidance your videos provide. No swearing, monkey-shines or crazy thumping music…just great information. Thanks again!
    Mobile, AL

  4. How do you wrap inside corners without chamfering the edge. I've been attempting this for intricate interior trim and have had no real success. If you have any tips or tricks on that I would greatly appreciate any advice!

  5. great video! I am wrapping my drift car and will give you a shout out.
    Thanks for all the videos they helped a lot.


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