Protests Planned Over Pornographic & Perverted “Sex Ed” | Alex Newman & Dr. Duke Pesta


Children as young as five or six years old in government schools today learn about masturbation, gender confusion, homosexuality, and more. Not long after that, pornographic materials created by tax-funded abortion giant Planned Parenthood are used by government schools to promote anal sex, fornication, sadomasochism, and more to young children.

Now, a group of outraged parents has had enough. And so, on April 23, they are planning a “Sex Ed Sit Out” to protest it all. “We are sick of the sexualization of our children that takes place everyday in the classrooms across our nation,” organizers said on the website. | Article:

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  1. With all the horrible things going on in schools these days, I have decided to begin homeschooling my 7 year old grandson ( we adopted him) beginning in August 2018. He has been receiving an IEP in the public school, however they just don't have the time to give him enough one on one instructions. I have already purchased teaching material / workbooks in math, science, geography, English, reading comprehension, and writing. I will also be teaching him the Bible.

  2. Thank god my kids are grown. This is outrageous and must be opposed. Sex should be covered in biology with the model being heterosexual sexuality. And not to young kids before puberty.

  3. Teaching awareness of sex (parts, etc.) is how pedophiles groom their victims. It is child abuse. My kid is out of the system. We reject it.


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