Questions I Never Answer About Being a Social Media Manager


Answering questions I never answer about being a social media manager including getting experience and what my first contract was like! Get social media manager experience by signing up as an apprentice here: Send a msg w/ this link to apply to work with me directly after you’ve signed up:
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  1. Here are those links I mentioned!
    Get social media manager experience by signing up as an apprentice here:
    Then send me a message using this link to apply to work with me directly after you've signed up:

  2. Great tools for me. Im from Dominican Republic and I'm living in US. Do have a Bachelor Degree in Advertising and have experienced as a graphic designer on my country not here so they don't hire me cuz of that😢

  3. Wow, just wow, your channel has been so incredibly helpful. As a small business owner I've been doing social media managing by myself for years. Now I've been asked to social media manage another business and I'm super nervous and at the same time excited about it. Your content is great and I love the way you bring it, like no bullshit. 100% to the point and honest. Thank you! Greetings from
    The Netherlands.

  4. It's so amazing to see an educational content creator from Detroit. As a woman (especially a woman of color) you're a huge inspiration. Definintely a new sub here. Thanks for doing what you do. ^_^

  5. The demographics of the watchers buying power is how watches get valued. A 32 year old professional has way more purchasing power with potential to buy versus watching for entertainment as a 15 year old. With Google they have your phone data and tendencies. It works.

  6. This was super helpful! Ive been considering this as a new path to explore and these were definitely questions I haven't really found an answer to anywhere else! Thanks for that!! ☺️

  7. What’s all included in a “portfolio” for possible clients? Also what/how do you recommend getting experience while still in school?

  8. Hi! For some reason it won’t allow me to send a chat message through the site. I’m very interested in becoming your apprentice. I completed my profile and the app on GenM. I would love to get more info on your business. I can be reached at Thank you!

  9. I think you might get more money because YouTube pays for watch time. Maybe this other you tubers have more subs and views but the don’t last long watching the whole video maybe they just get watched for like a minute or two

  10. Thank you so much for the Genm info because I am trying to change careers into social media management and have been trying to figure out how to get experience…Also if you haven't already, would you mind doing a video or explaining the difference between a social media manager and a social media marketing manager. I understand the difference at its core but it seems like the positions somewhat overlap. As a social media manager, do you do both marketing and content management?

  11. Hey Latasha

    I just watched your latest video on YouTube about questions that you never answer and I would love to be your apprentice. I am actually trying to start my own social media management company and would love any extra tools that I can supply myself with! I am also a video editor and have been editing YouTube and webinar videos for different clients. I would greatly appreciate your consideration in having be come on to your team as an apprentice. Waiting for your reply Valeria. I tried writing to you within the app but I’m on a 48 hour hold since I just created my account so I decided to copy and paste my information for you here =) my email is if you would like to contact me. Thank you so much for the awesome videos you make that are all very informative!


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