RC HOT TIP: Setting Steering Dual Rates


RC HOT TIP: Setting Steering Dual Rates
First episode of a new series called RC HOT TIP. This one will cover setting steering dual rates on a RTR remote and how it can benifit you in the long run.

Thank you for watching. 🙂

Unboxing ARRMA Fury Mega:

ARRMA Fury Mega 2WD SCT First Running video – Stock

ARRMA Fury Mega 2WD on 2S with Louise Pioneer Tires

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ARRMA Fury Mega info page:

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  1. I see theres no really new posts so I'll just say you're wrong, sorry bud. That's the steering sensitivity, used, so when you're at speed it wont be as reactive to any steering input. Dual rate refers to having a switch you flick to either be in a high rate or low rate. Ie you can override things to give you a greater steering throw with the switch one way or less throw when it's set the other way. Good idea to not burn out servos, however if your "end point" is correctly set, you'll be fine. Hope you're doing well.

  2. I have an armma voltage and i thought it was cheaply made but that truck looks cheap as well. They look like a step up from new brite or fastlane

  3. Very helpful. Thank you so much !! I love how you didnt drag on about it. To the point and video over!! Thanks so much!!

  4. Oops, the wife stripped the servo on her crawler but it was a cheap plastic geared servo. Will set up the rates when i change it. Fantastic tip ,youve probably saved a lot of money for people.

  5. Thank.s for this vid..i learned what i was needed to find out….daul rate knob on my hobbie grade rc truck..i didnt know what it did..i subed also…ron

  6. I set the end points on my nero, is that the same setting?
    My dual rate setting is at maximum but end points are set to the end of the steering.


  7. Thank you thank you finally I've been trying to find the meeting of the dual rate, and you are the only one that showed exactly what I need to know I subscribed to your channel I'll be watching for more

  8. Great video. I’m new to the hobby and did wonder what the duel rate buttons were for. Now I know. Thank you


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