Real estate agents breaking the rules: Hidden camera investigation (CBC Marketplace)


With bidding wars for houses cloaked in secrecy, how do you know your real estate deal wasn’t already rigged?
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  1. I’ve done real estate deals as a buyer and a seller a few times. What I find fascinating, is how people “fall in love” with this or that house. And I noticed it’s only those that have been born here or have lived up here for a very long time for the most part.
    I’ve never looked at a house as I’m in love with it. It’s a piece of property where I put my stuff, and I plan for at least a good part of my life approximately 2/3 of the day to be around the property, and half of that time will be sleeping. So that gives me about a 1/3 of the day to be at home as if I just stay home after work every day.
    Find a place that you’re comfortable having your family live there, have friends over to visit occasionally and make sure you can afford it.
    I’d only “fall in love” with a house that I built from the ground up.
    Be smart and don’t get taken for a ride.

  2. At 8:50 why did that buyer want the house so bad to cry about it? He sounds way too invested in that one house. He could have easily lost the bid fairly too. How many open houses and house visits did this guy make to that one house before feeling like a broken human being over not getting the final deal?

  3. They also help the buyers by lying on advertisements. Example, our expensive chandeliers were not to be included, but the agent told us they would inform the buyer it is not included… After the sale, we took the chandeliers and the buyer sent us a letter from their lawyer saying it is included because it was not "excluded" in the listing. We listened to our agent, trusted, she lied to us just to get the house sold (oh and the new owners sold our chandeliers on Kijiji shortly after)

  4. This week on Marketplace: A "shady" real estate practice potentially costing sellers tens of thousands of dollars.

    Next week on Marketplace: Canada's real estate market pricing most out of home ownership.

    Say what about double ending?

  5. Crimes not being enforce by the USA governor's corporate punishment and inflicting emotional, psychological, physical, financial hardships to working class.,,,

  6. 12:44 this guy needs to stop it. Look at the bright side you didn't overpay 30k for a house that you would most likely have no equity in. What the agents are doing is messed up but if you look at the bigger picture it actually helped you out.

  7. Sales should have been auctions since the industry began. Comfortable for sellers and buyers. Show for a reasonable number of weeks, then schedule an auction.
    However, we did get one cherished house by going to the selling agent, because, as is common, the seller saves on commission. We and a competitor bid full price, but the seller chose the one with the sales commission break for a double ended.

  8. this time is a bit too much over drama… he lost his house?? he wasnt able to purchase the house he like most… welll he still have a house… a roof over his head. why not build one if he whanna so much a "perfect" house ?
    But i love maple syrup 😀

  9. Makes me happy I don't live in Canada. Cannot believe the CBC news wouldn't give the commissioner those names. Make an example of the few that were caught. CBC is just as bad for not disclosing names as those involved in the practice because they're allowing it to happen. Watch a crime and don't report it.

  10. Why don't we just make it to where they have to put a sold sign with x amount of dollars on it for at least 3 days after a house is sold I mean it's all public information anyways usually anyone can just go up to the any Courthouse to the register of deeds or Treasury office and find any of this stuff out anyway..

  11. Don't be fooled, selling your own home is not hard I've sold two homes with no issues and saved a ton of money especially if your in a high value area.

  12. I can't believe there is no protection for the sellers.
    There should be a law that the agent can only represent the seller or
    the buyer but not both


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