Real Estate Title Company | How to Choose a Title Company for Wholesaling


A good real estate title company for wholesaling real estate is a double closing title company. How to choose a title company when buying houses is one of the many tools that you’re going to need. Today’s video we’ll cover, what is a title company responsible for, how long does a title search take, and what does title company do for seller.

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  1. What if your small town isn't wholesaler friendly? do you recommend finding one in a near by city and start doing deals remotely?

  2. Awesome, thank you guys so much for this video. This is my first time coming across your videos. It was just what I was needing. Bless you for sharing this information. I will definitely be watching more of your videos and taking notes. I'm in Indiana and interested in getting a mentor for this process before I get my feet wet with our first deal. Do you all offer mentoring? I'm new to wholesaling and trying to learn as much as I can because I have 3 other people that will be partnering with me as wholesale investors. One already has the know of how to inspect a home, fix them, estimate repairs and funds to for upfront cost. We are trying to learn the business in as many details as possible. I'm in charge of the administrative side and getting all the knowledge in order to execute and move forward with this venture along with doing the marketing, creating marketing materials and doing the communications, contract paperwork and finding title companies to work with. I have to make this happen.

  3. Great stuff… what if the the buyer and seller insist on using their own title company will I still be able to wholesale the deal using my own title company?

  4. As usual, you guys are SUPER helpful! I am shopping for a closing attorney right now, and this video has helped me add a TON of questions to my interview list!! Keep up the excellent work, guys!


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