Record 120 new coronavirus cases in Singapore, 116 local transmissions | THE STRAITS TIMES


Ministry of Health (MOH) confirmed a record 120 more Covid-19 cases on Sunday (April 5), of which four were imported and 116 local. The local cases include 39 Singapore citizens or permanent residents and 76 long-term work pass holders.

MOH said it does not currently have a breakdown of how many of these new cases are linked to clusters or unlinked. This brings Singapore’s total to 1,309 cases



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  1. Rescue those 20K foreigner workers,move them to other island in SG,the place that they staying at obviously very small,they all share bed in 1 room(virus will spreading more fast than super sonic)

  2. Chee Loong Wong, that’s to say those infected must have touched contaminated spot and touch their face? Did they tell you not to touch?

  3. Hope of the Village, how stupid can you Get? The sun ultra light ray and chlorine in tap water? Don’t waste my time, boy.

  4. Gov should promote 1. No talking between ppl physically in public 2. Use video call or phone call at a distance 3. Use text messaging when placing food order or playing pre recorded message to order food. Virus is transmitted when a person opens his or her mouth. If none do that in the public spread is much much slower.

  5. A minimum distance needs to be maintained while queuing in supermarkets. Often, I have seen people standing close to each other ignoring the lines drawn on the floor. I will remind them once politely. If ignored, I will take a photo and send it to the press.

  6. if we are prepared to close down all businesses (almost) to curb this virus, we should be bold and creative enough to order factories (3d printing or traditinal ones) to cut? we still friends with china they exporting their excess supply (quality beware) – just being approached by regular printer if i want "surgical masks" they're everywhere. not wearing masks also make everyone too "relaxed" and allow some careless people who are most likely to carry virus unaware to spread it durng the 7-14 days incubation (mild symptoms) period. it's quite a simple equation, virus doesnt wait for political timing.

  7. People are rushing to buy and stock up essentials from NTUC supermarkets. SG govt doing all it can to ensure adequate stocks but the people’s’ behaviour suggests they don’t have confidence in the govt’s ability to keep stocks on shelves.

  8. The dorms will be like the cruise ships. People will get infected and positive Covid19 cases will spike. Solution is to have police personnel there to enforce the safety measures. Wear face mask, which can be simple handkerchief or cloth around the mouth and nose. Wash hands often and after touching things. Less talking so less aerosols flying about from the mouth.

  9. Gan Kim Yong, what can make you accept that it’s airborne? Please let the public knows that it’s dangerous, and warns them not to mingle?

  10. Adjust shopping malls' temperature to be one degree higher such that it is less comfortable for many lost souls. Otherwise, more people will enjoy air-con in shopping malls.


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