RETRAIN YOUR MIND – NEW Motivational Video (very powerful)


The moment you have an instinct to act on a goal, apply the 5 second rule.
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  1. I made this video because The 5 Second Rule had a huge impact in my life.
    I hope will help you too.
    You can buy the book here :
    I start uploading short motivational videos on my second channel DAILY MOTIVATION.
    I hope you will like it:)

  2. Last summer I reached 300 lbs for the first time in my life. I couldn't stand the sight of myself in the mirror. I decided this was it. Today it's 04/18/20 and I weight 215 lbs. At first it was hard, giving up sugar was difficult for me. But I did it. If I can do it, you can too! I'm not special. I just had motivation and believed in myself, I had discipline. Change yourself for the better! I believe in you!

  3. I once wanted to become pianist. But i left it because i'm so bad at it back then. Now i'm fear to chasing this dream again. But i will try my best. This time i won't let it go again.

  4. I feel I’m the only one who’s crazy anough to set big goals, dream big and work for it. Everyone’s at school thinks I’m crazy because i read books and wake up every morning at 5 am. I feel sometimes so lonely because i have no one to grow with. All tho i have a lot friends and people who like me. When i feel that way i go read the comments here. It makes me feel better to see that I’m not the only one who have big dreams.
    Thanks everyone for sharing your story with me.
    (Sorry for my bad English I’m dutch)

  5. Who’s watching during quarantine because they are so lazy but in reality they know they ain’t gonna get any less lazy lol🙋‍♀️

  6. Things to do that will make me feel like my life is meaningful:
    1. Make my parents proud
    2. Quit gaming and control my anger
    3. Develop a cure for cancer
    4. Stop blaming god for giving me a life
    That is all i want to do for the world
    But then, i couldn't do it, cuz i feel like a failure and i shouldn't even exist in the world

  7. I came across many motivational videos and I feel this one pushes my limits to do what is required to succeed and I hope you guys should too

  8. I have my exams in may. Today at this very point i promise to myself that i'll work every waking hours towards Achieving my goal , towards getting out of a relationship that stops me from achieving it and towards making my body healthier and more energetic. Thanks for the video and thanks for motivating me!

  9. I used to eat 5 chocolate cakes a day and eat over 500 chicken nuggets a week. I was grossly overweight. But as of 2015 I am stronger better faster. I’m no longer fat. I now weigh 88 pounds. I’m 34 years old and have 22 children and 3 wives all from Bangkok. Thank you

  10. We all have 24 hours in a day but those from ethnic minorities have to work extra hard. Society doesn't always give the same opportunities to all.

  11. Today I will stop being lazy Today I will stop making excuses Today I will work towards my goals today I will embrace not being comfortable Today I will change my attitude and commit to achieving all my goals Today I will use my time wisely Today I will be a better man💯 3/2/2020

  12. I like it, of course great speakers, everything is honestly said : no BS; I think it could have it been better with the voices beind LOUDER than the music, but still great


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