ROLLS RM64 4 Zone Mixer Unboxing & Overview


I purchased this mixer for a restaurant installation where I’m replacing an old TOA mixer with a single output. With the RM64, my client can have up to 4 discrete zones.
I find this product to be the most cost-effective solution for small – medium sized installs that require a device capable of simple distribution of audio to multiple zones.
There is no way to switch between inputs, locally or remotely, instead one must turn the source volume up or down. This device isn’t the most feature loaded, or end-user friendly, however it is affordable. I haven’t used this particular device in the past, I generally stick to the DBX ZonePRO family of processors, however the ROLLS RM64 costs around $189.00, compared to the DBX ZonePRO 1261 which costs around $1,199.95.

C. 2012 Anthony Stubelek

“The new ROLLS RM64 Four Zone Mixer combines two paging microphones with up to four line level source inputs. Each input is switch selected to output to any combination of four zone outputs. The outputs are all balanced XLR connectors, and a 1/4″ Remote Volume jack provides each zone with the means for external volume control.

The Microphone inputs feature automatic ducking for easy paging.

The RM64 is the ideal solution for banquet rooms, offices, restaurant/night clubs, etc.”

DBX ZonePRO 1261


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  1. Thank you for watching and for your comment! The Rolls has been performing very well. So far I have received many positive remarks about the sound quality of the new system that I installed. The Rolls works great and I highly recommend it for a multi-zone setup on a shoestring budget.


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