Rolls Royce Vs Indian King story in Hindi | Rolls Royce vs Jai Singh Story in hindi


Indian king Rolls-Royce story in Hindi Royce vs Jai Singh Story in hindi #Historichindi

इंगलैण्ड की राजधानी लंदन में यात्रा के दौरान एक शाम महाराजा जयसिंह सादे कपड़ों में बॉन्ड स्ट्रीट में घूमने के लिए निकले और वहां उन्होने रोल्स रॉयस कम्पनी का भव्य शो रूम देखा और मोटर कार का भाव जानने के लिए अंदर चले गए। शॉ रूम के अंग्रेज मैनेजर ने उन्हें “कंगाल भारत” का सामान्य नागरिक समझ कर वापस भेज दिया। शोरूम के सेल्समैन ने भी उन्हें बहुत अपमानित किया, बस उन्हें “गेट आऊट” कहने के अलावा अपमान करने में कोई कोर कसर नहीं छोड़ी।

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  1. Hey don't spread fake news.this is just a hoax.actually that car is not fucking rolls Royce its a ford.rolls Royce frond grill is in square shape .and that mop fitted in front of tyre is to avoid the glasses which may cause damage to the tyre which is widely used in 2nd world war

  2. This is a fake story held by our ancient people…
    For a proof you can observe the car with dust swapper is not a rolls royse but a ford.
    None of the rolls royce cars have the grills shaped like that!

  3. DID anyone know this is a fake story!
    THIS IS A FAKE STORY brothers and the vehicle with that broom is not Rolls Royce it's Ford's car! And the broom is there because at the time of 2nd WWR there were glass pieces at the road and broom is there to remove that!
    Don't believe these kind of fake story's, We Indians doesn't have create fake story's and be proud in that we have lot of other real things to be proud of

  4. Bro this is fake, the car shown in thumbnail is a ford car and the broom stick is used to prevent broken glass from punturing the tire, this is a image after world war 1 at that time their where broken glass on the road


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