In this video we present the SERVICE CHANNEL RECYFIX®PRO from HAURATON.

00:18 Installing the cable routing system

In this video section, we show you how to handle the RECYFIX SERVICE CHANNEL cable routing system. The cable routing system can be used quickly, safely and without tools. With the aid of the cable routing system, cables and lines can be optimally organised in elevated positions. This cable channel promises a very easy wiring and cable access.

True to the motto: Put the wiring wherever you like!

01:18 Solid Cover Option 1: Small Opening

This section shows how to mount the iron grating with a small opening for cable outlet and how to insert and remove the blind cover of the small opening. All assembly steps can be carried out ultra-fast with a simple screwdriver. The KTL-coated iron grating is extremely durable and slip-resistant, which ensures maximum safety at work.

03:02 Solid Cover Option 2: Large Opening

An iron grating with a large opening is assembled here. We will then show you how to insert and remove the blind cover from the opening in a matter of seconds.

The SERVICE Channel RECYFIX®PRO is ideal for ground installed cable routing applications which are easily accessible at all times.

With the SERVICE CHANNEL you can choose between different models, sizes and designs of covering to meet your requirements. On the work site the ease of handling is a big advantage as the channels can be installed quickly and easily without expensive formwork.

Since nothing is more constant than the need for change we have designed openings with the option for cable routing. Thus, you can flexibly change processes and use plans for exhibition halls, production workshops and stadiums.

The SERVICE CHANNEL system from HAURATON has already been installed in many places:

► Wembley Stadion, London
► Olympiastadion Luschniki, Moskau
► O2 Arena, Prag

Enjoy this video!

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