Service Dog Alerts Owner Before They Faint


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Dominique or Max Graffeo

MY MEDICAL ISSUES. I have POTS Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, a condition that affects the autonomic nervous system (including my heart) and causes me to faint among other symptoms. It comes from EDS Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Among other medical issues. I do have PTSD as well from childhood sexual assault that lasted over 10 years. But my fainting is related to my POTS and I can faint anytime, anywhere that I have been standing or walking too long. Basically my heart doesn’t pump my blood right and it pools in my legs and I pass out.

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Max was a shelter rescue and I have been training him myself.

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  1. Everyone that has commented on Dom's other videos saying that she's faking and Max isn't a real service dog needs to see this. You have done an awesome job teaching Max! I love his persistent alert and then how he holds his cover. He is more well trained then a lot of professionally trained service dogs that people pay ten thousand dollars or more for.

  2. He doesn’t even believe her that’s horrible he said ‘apparently max alerted ‘ them winked Aka he didn’t see it so he doesn’t believe it

  3. Absolutely phenomenal. Max is such an amazing service dog. He is so In tune to you & your disability. Not a single sole on this planet can say this is not a service dog. This really should serve as an educational video as to how a service dog reacts to his owners needs & how one properly behaves. ❤ much love, thank you for sharing. Max is adorable.

  4. My cousin has a head harness for her dog her dog is a chocolate lab and she pulls and when the dog pulls my little cousin keep in mind she’s 10 my little cousin pulls her dog back basically pulling the dogs head and the dogs back because the head harness is attached to a harness on the dogs back I tell them that if the dog pulls them just stop and in a calm but stern voice say “no” that’s what I do with one of my dogs and she listens but she is a German Shepard cross with a husky so she is easily listens but this is getting long so goodbye to the people that read this ❤️❤️

  5. I have service dog they are really working dog .ever where i go ever one repsect my serivce and knows the rules

  6. when you faint are your eyes open or closed? random question i know but very curious cause i personally never passed out

  7. Babies and kiddos feel these things too. I have PTSD and Seizures, and sometimes my now 7yo will alert me before I know it's coming. I try to keep that side away from him (bc he gets scared and wants to help), and am trying to get a service dog (they cost like $17k from what I hear), but it'd really help me as a single mom. My PTSD is much better, I rarely have episodes, but my seizures just started September 2019 (never happened before then), and I can't get a grip on detecting them. It scares me. I also have major anxiety disorders and chronic migraines. Deep pressure helps.

    I really want a seizure dog. Do you have any advice?

    Edit – also, I think it's great your husband remained calm, for you, the surroundings, and letting your child know it's okay. My family does the same thing, especially if my son is around. One removes him while the other stays with me. Maintaining calm is so helpful.

  8. I know it sucks to have people constantly asking about your dog but you answering his questions is what ends the ignorance so thank you for going ahead and answering questions 🙏🏻

  9. God Bless you. I have a disability also. I had a brain aneurysm. Every time the barometer changes it effects my head. I can go from my age now to age 3 in minutes. And I forget things.

  10. Awwww it was so cute and sad when your son ran over to you and held your face. I almost cried when your bf/husband (I don’t know) pulled him away. 🥺😍❤️❤️

  11. If I was in your position it would annoy me so much having people talking about the whole thing just before and after an episode…do you not find it difficult dealing with people the whole time ?
    I know people wanna help and know and see what's guyz have a lot of patience…I dunno if I'd be the same

  12. my cousin has pots and was diagnosed around a few years ago but doctors couldnt find anything wrong and so she went to a nuerologist who then diagnosed her. She doesnt have episodes like this but she does usually when she stands up. I haven't ever seen her pass out but she has at home. I believe she is on some sort of medication for it though, but i could be wrong

  13. I love how in some of the videos she’s not afraid to tell people to not mess with her dog and that she’s “a savage” it’s great that she has the confidence to do that.

  14. Thank you for sharing this. Watching your experience and how much Max helps you teaches so much. I think more people need to see this to understand the importance of service dogs.

  15. Glad you have your dog and your an amazing woman and funny ending with the fart comment lol


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