Service Your Sprinter Van at Home Detailed Follow Along Instructions Fuel Filter, Oil Change, Specs!


See Below for links to parts for servicing the Sprinter

Today’s Vlog has us in the garaged servicing our 2016 Mercedes Sprinter Van 4cyl Diesel. I’ve gone to the dealership and went over in infinate detail all that is needed to properly service this van. Please watch the video as you do the work…as you may know Mercedes electronics are very sensitive, this video shows you the proper techniques to do the job right. This is the “minor” or “A” service at 20,000 miles…a $500 + service done at home for about $160.00. Hope this helps ya out.
Parts Links and List below:
Mercedes Fuel Filter:
Mercedes Oil Filter:
Hose Clamp #1:
Hose Clamp #2:
Filter Wrench:
O-ring Puller tools:


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  1. welcome to the future where you use the metric system! great hearing the 13mm reference with no imperial translation!

  2. Excellent video. Watched it even though I have a 6-cylinder Sprinter, figuring I might learn a few things and I did. Thanks for posting.

  3. The link for that special tool that you’re talking is a different tool and it’s a set, do you have a link for the same exact tool that you were using?

  4. There is no such a thing as filter made by mercedes. They are made by MANN and double or more cheaper without MB logo on it. They are made in same facility just mercedes stamps their part number and logo and charges dummies at dealer. Fuel filter for 2019 Sprinter at dealer is $200 and same filter made by same company just not having mercedes stamp is $50-$70 on ebay. You can basically do oil change with filter and fuel filter and cabin filter and air filter with mann parts(oem) for $250 all in if you do it yourself.

  5. Thank you very much. I really appreciate your video. I have a 2014 Sprinter and have been wanting to do my own maintenance.

  6. Sprinter 20,000 mile oil changes???? can I change oil every 20,000 miles on my Sprinter Van? No No No! https://www.Sprinter.Repair/Oil-change
    Many mechanics will be happy if you do not change the oil at all. Why? If you change the oil every 20,000 miles, soon you will need to change the engine or rebuild it. Do you want to make an engine repair in 100,000 miles, then change the oil every 20,000! Do you want to drive 400,000 without an engine repair? Then change the oil every 6000. I am a Sprinter mechanic.

  7. What kind of oil do you get for your Sprinter vans? 
    Mercedes Benz recommends using low SPAsh multigrade service engine oils 229.52 for 2010 – 2020

  8. I thought, that it was a 5 cylinder engine? Not a 4 cylinder. …Maybe the 4 cylinder is an option on newer models? I know a little about the early 2000's models, when they had a 5 cylinder. What year is yours?

  9. You are the best. one of the best videos I have ever seen for sprinters on youtube. Keep up the good work thanks

  10. You did a great job. One of the best I've seen on the Sprinter. You forgot the link for the special tool. Did you have to buy that from the Mercedes dealer?

  11. Awesome video. I went to my dealer as well and the master sprinter tech did the same and we had quite the conversation and what he told me is do not use the Mobil ESP. The reason is, it does not meet the ACEA "E9" and API "CK-4" for TURBO BLUETECH Diesel. In the manual for the sprinter it states it must be listed on the bottle. If you look at the mobil data sheets they have a 5W-40 Turbo Diesel Oil which is for a Turbo Diesel with DPF. My tech said the wrong oil leads to failures for these vans especially for those in cold climates and doing stop and go. The oil gets so hot through a regen cycle where the EGT gets to 1600 degrees and the oils creates sludge. He told me to forget about the 229.31 approval it's the wrong oil. The FedEx vans break down a lot due to turbo failure so much that FedEx has a special warranty provision in place. This goes back to the oil. My sprinter tech has his own sprinter and uses Amsoil 20W/50 "Dominator" diesel oil. The Amsoil is approved as a API CK-4 diesel oil. That means it is approved for warranty use in any turbocharged BlueTec diesel sold in America.In extreme cold climates he uses a different oil. I asked him about the oil change interval and he said if you do a lot of stop and go change it at max every 5k. The 20k intervals are not good for the engine.

  12. That’s why this companies are going down 200 freaking years and still make it so hard to service standard fluid changes what a shame.

  13. Hi there.
    I have a Mercedes sprinter 4×4 2009 long wheelbase I am stuck in low ratio gear
    When I press the button it flashes three times but it does not change out of low ratio gear

    I'm happy to pay for anybody
    That can tell me how to fix it

    Best wishes

  14. Great video, great camera work showing exactly how the hose clamps work. They look intimidating at first, but your videos shows how easy they are to remove and install. Much appreciated

  15. This is hands down THE best Sprinter Van instructional video I have seen. Thank you sir for taking the time to do all the big and little things right! Clear audio, excellent lighting, close-up video when needed, parts list in video and description and even links to purchase parts! EVERYONE who thinks they should make an instructional video for auto repair should watch this first. Cheers from a fellow farmer!!

  16. Was looking forward to you firing the Sprinter up to hear the difference in engine noise as the oil goes through the filter – it has a change in pitch! , and then that smooth engine sound 😍

    Usually oil & filter changed every 10k miles , for higher milage Sprinters. My 2010 Sprinter has 200k on the clock. Oil and filter changed at 10K now , previously 15k.
    Fuel / Air / Pollen changed at 20K.
    Cant beat CLEAN engine oil – for smoother running too !
    Great channel by the way …. Much Love from U.K. 💖

  17. well explained, I have a 2104 6 cyl 3.0l and i AM AHVING PROBLEMS T RYING to remove a cone shaped clamp on my fuel filter, Who ever had the van before me did change teh fuel line hose clamps to the regular kind with screw to tighten, I have a cone shaped connedtor clamp and I don't want to break it so may have to wait to get somneone to change it for me crap


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