Short film on "addiction to technology" – creating awareness!


This short film is to bring awareness among people as to how technology has made its way through to our day to day lives, it’s plays a major role in making life simpler (which is basically what the 21st century has been about till date), but it is important to realize that the overuse of the same and especially for the wrong reasons is highly non-beneficial and not recommended.
Also abuse of technology has always been highlighted as a major problem that lies concentrated among the adolescent age, this film shows that this is not the case.
Adults too are very easily drawn into the very comforting world of technology and do tend to abuse the same.
The film is a testament to the above mentioned phenomenon and tries to bring awareness on the same.
Script written by : Kshipra prasadh
Directed by : suraj shekar (
Actors : Arushi goel, sonalika awasti, ishan Yash, viabhav Mittal, ajyanka prabhu, suraj shekar (

Please do not judge based on the crudeness of the film and its flaws in execution ….. The very motive was to bring awareness among people in this simple manner with the limited resources available as a bunch of students trying to make a difference in the society!
Hope u enjoy the film! 😬


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