So You Wanna Make Games?? | Episode 9: User Interface Design


Many games require you to have immediate access to a ton of critical information like stats, inventory, mission info, and location. Being able to easily access that info when you need it—and only when you need it—is the result of UI designers working very closely with user experience designers. In this video we review the difference between UX and UI design and hear from visual designers and motion graphics artists about some core considerations for designing UI and ensuring a game experience is consistent, cohesive, and immersive.

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  1. Thank you for uploading this information! It is easy and straight forward about the UI design. Before that, I thought that the UI designer create the interactive interface page, after that the UX designer will test on it to see if the UI is functional or not.

  2. "iT MuST bE Ez To uNDersTand"
    >chinese women with heavy accent and extreme slow speaking explains so you dont understand it
    – insta byebye

  3. Question: what authoring software do you use for UI Design in video games? Both Adobe Flash and Autodesk Scaleform are no longer supported. Unreal Engine has their UMG and Blueprints model, but not every developer uses Unreal.

  4. Dear Riot Games,
    I want to wireframe a 2D top-down MMO (like The Escapists 1/2). Do you have any recommendation which Wireframe tool to use in that particular case (Sketcher, Figma, Balsamiq, inVision, …)? In the end, the game should look something between the games you showed in this video min. 0:08 – 0:09 and 8:46 – 8:53.

    PS: Could you please tell me the names of these two games? Thx a lot, keep up the fantastic work. And thank you for this series of videos.

  5. Thanks for this!
    I’ve been trying to get work as a UI Artist for soo long. Been getting interviews, passing art tests, but I think I failed every time I got asked ‘what I think’ UI is 😂, I don’t think I understood UI properly.
    👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 thanks again

  6. These videos are really helpful and have inspired me to began making my own game. Rn I'm looking for a team of beginner game makers like myself (this includes writers, artists, ppl to code and basically anyone willinh to help) reply in interested! I'm only a highschooler and no nothing about coding so I'm looking for people who don't mind working on this without payout immediately. I can't guarantee popularity of this game. But I can guarantee it'll be fun to work on. If anyone is interested please reply here!

  7. These videos are really great, but in this specific video, I've a complaint about your client.

    "Interactions are fast and clicking feels fluid and effortless".
    Your client is not at all fluid. Sometimes your client fails to register that I have clicked a champion, and the rune pages lag. Maybe it's my potato PC, but your client is notorious for how buggy it is.

    Please give more importance to your game's UI/UX. Thanks. 😛


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