Social Media: Depression, Anxiety & Mental Health


In this video, I discuss the effects of social media, how I believe it triggers depression and anxiety and what you can do about it.
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**If you have been clinically diagnosed with depression seek help from a licensed professional therapist. **


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  1. This !! I’m about to do a social media detox starting today I’m deleting all of my social media tonight and getting some motivational apps on my phone . I need to get away for a while

  2. Used responsibly social media is a great and effective tool, using it irresponsibility and I effectively especially with an unhinged sense of self awareness and instilled confidence and resilience this can be detrimental

  3. Social media. Smh. They can't sell love. Even when I tried to empower and uplift, people ignored me so I granted their silent requests for my withdrawal. I was chasing an imaginary dream that was never going to turn into reality. Not being seen/heard is the most dehumanizing feeling that follows me everywhere I go. Now, I'm just back to discovering my purpose.

  4. I agree. I feel as though social media is a distraction that more often than not causes us to constantly compare ourselves to the “highlight reel” of others. And in all of this comparison causes us devalue ourselves, our lives, our families etc.

  5. I ain't gonna like I try not like the peer pressure get to me but it did. I look at social media a way to validate yourself because of the perks that comes with that. and those who got famous from knows what Im saying. going off the grid might cause more depression then anything.

  6. I recently deactivated all my social media accounts for a while because it became mentally too much. I felt like I had to rush in my career because my peers were living lavishly successful lives in every pic SMH that was enough for me! Thanks for sharing 💕

  7. When I’m on social media I get depressed, especially when I see people in happy relationships and starting their career, females getting praised for having good look bodies. I’m 21 years old , single , no guy notices me, and I’m in college now but I have my doubts about what I’m pursuing.. I feel like I need to compare my life.

  8. When WhatsApp added the 'status' feature, I knew WhatsApp was to become as depression as Instagram and Facebook. So now I deleted my WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook account. I'm happier. I used to constantly compare myself with other people, people I went to high school, my 'friends ' and people I met online… And those were the ones that seem to be "flourishing". I was constantly questioning myself, and ended up questioning my whole existence, that's when I realised that I no longer wanted to see these images, and to not see these "perfect' images, I had to eliminate the source of the images. Thank you for this, I know I'm not alone.

  9. I agree Coach Shawn, I am one of those that are spending too much time on social media…thank you,thank you for this video, I plan to step back and take a hiatus…😏 It's too much

  10. "Constantly soak up other people's lives" – YES. Like you said, we can't want a life we don't know about. Sometimes I have to take a break/unfollow people bc there's so much gloating, showboating, etc. I feel so much better when I do.

  11. This is absolutely true! As a content creator I totally hear what you're saying about others telling you and giving you their opinions especially when it's negative! I recently read an article about this generation and how there is an exponential increase in the suicide rate due to social media and people seeing the "lives" of their peers which is made up to a degree and comparing themselves to it. Seeing this over and over can take a toll on many, ESPECIALLY when they are not comfortable (100%) with themselves just as they are.


  12. I definitely agree. From a social aspect, I feel that a lot of people go to social media to find acceptance and and a sense of community, especially when it comes to common interests and hobbies. But because it draws people who are also seeking the kind of affection and who harbor similar insecurities, rather than learning to really strengthen oneself and mature properly, it becomes a coping mechanism for crippled people. It puts people in a more potentially dangerous place where a wrong move is capable of stripping them of every shred of security or confidence that they may have built. Not to mention the internet holds so much invasive and personal information about people that could be used for the worst intentions…

    TL;DR we really do need to put a limit to how much we interact on social media, as well as how we interact with each other. I had to learn this the hard way having used my handles for negativity as a teenager. Positivity and productivity only, and have just as many positive outlets outside of the virtual realm so that there is less of an attachment.

  13. Thanks for this, I am someone who is affected by social media and it’s constant bombardment of how we should look, or what we should be doing every moment of the day. I have taken a break from to invest in me and affirm myself

  14. Social media is OPTIONAL….I repeat social media is OPTIONAL. We are not obligated to participate in social media we choose to…stop choosing things that make you unhappy (and you can apply this to all aspects of life). It's just that simple.

  15. All I can say is well said…. Omg as I sit in my car Headed into my job my spirit feels calm and at peace after hearing this I love you…..☺

  16. I shut down my social media a few weeks ago… Only on youtube watching life coaches, work out videos for my body goals and hair videos for my hair goals.. That social media facebook, instagram, etc get to be too much. I couldnt do it anymore

  17. Yess!!!!! I already decided to take a break from Instagram….which I never wanted but friends wanted me to have an IG acct which I started last august-i knew why I didn't want it, I knew that insta would cause me to look down on my life 10x more than Facebook would-but peer pressure, so I opened one anyway. This summer I did not go on vacation really or do anything exciting and watching those IG stories have me feeling like I'm not living life(which may be partially true-i can try and have more outings and try to do more activities) but I'm started to get depressed. So August 1, 2018 I'm taking a whole month break from Instagram. I hope it'll help.

  18. This is so real… I'm saddened by this for the persons who are strong enough to stay grounded. I have posted a few videos on here and I made it a point of duty to not wear makeup in most of them because I do not wear makeup everyday… And I refused to do so just because I'm putting myself out there. I hope people will realize that social media is just a show… Case in point Jaclyn Hill, I love her, she's always so bubbly and loud and funny and before she posted about her divorce… I would have never guessed. She spoke about how much she would bawl her eyes out and then get it together for a video. People show u the better parts of their lives nobody wants to advertise their pain… We ALL go through stuff.. Life isn't perfect just a collection of perfect and imperfect moments.

  19. Awesome video as always sis I couldn’t agree more I agree with everything you said in this video about social media it was on point!


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